Grants for Faculty and Students

Revitalizing William & Mary’s Commitment to its Citizen Scholars funding by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Developing good citizens was once deemed central to the mission of America’s colleges and universities. Even after the early period in American higher education shaped by church-related schools, higher education was imagined as inculcating both specific skills and modes of thinking and common cultural values that would serve the commonwealth. Education served a clear public good. During this same period, humanistic study, broadly defined, dominated the curriculum. Studying ancient Greek and Latin, for example, was not meant as an idle pursuit of mastering texts but a formative and expansive education, preparing students to partake in what became the great experiment of American democracy.

At no school has this ethos been stronger than at William & Mary. Since 1693 this university has educated citizen scholars. Our students and faculty draw inspiration from alumni past and present, including our Chancellor, Robert Gates, whose most recent book, A Passion for Leadership, shares lessons on change and reform drawn from fifty years of public service. William & Mary attracts and produces students with a zeal for carrying out the public good and go on to serve in government, NGOs and lead in every imaginable field.

As part of its efforts to link non-academic elements that promote good citizenship and leadership with the academic core, the Study Group will provide small grants to students and faculty for extra-curricular programming, which will fund guest speakers, student travel to conferences, and student participation in outreach activities, internships, and other special projects during spring, fall, and winter break. Extra-curricular programming will benefit students and are expected to be distributed fairly evenly across educational programs, outreach activities, and internships.

The Study Group provides small grants ($100-$500) to students and faculty to take advantage of extra-curricular activities.

Applications are available by contacting [[adstel, Drew Stelljes]].