W&M Semester / Year Programs

Sponsored Semester Programs

W&M students may study at several international universities with which the Global Education Office has built special relationships. In Sevilla, Spain, students enroll in one or two courses designed jointly by local and W&M faculty, and select remaining courses from the full university catalog. In La Plata, Argentina, students enroll in four courses designed by local and W&M faculty with a human rights theme and then take one or two courses at Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Students pay one fixed program cost to study in the sponsored programs in Argentina, Spain, and England. The program cost is the same for in-state and out-of state residents.

La Plata and Sevilla coursework appears as William & Mary credit and grades on transcripts; students studying at Oxford earn transfer credit upon their return to W&M (grades are not posted on the W&M transcript). Learn more about all of our programs in the study abroad portal.

The application deadline for sponsored semester programs with a Fall or Academic Year option is mid-March, with the exception of Hertford College, University of Oxford which is December 1st the year prior.

The application deadline for sponsored semester programs for spring is dependent on the program. For La Plata and Sevilla, the deadline is the beginning of October. Hertford College, University of Oxford's deadline is December 1st the year prior. 

Tuition Exchange (Semester/Year) Programs

The Global Education Office administers exchange agreements with over 15 international universities, which receive W&M students and send their students to our campus. W&M students apply for this study abroad through W&M, and pay regular W&M tuition and fees, plus a $375 study abroad fee and the CISI insurance charge ($170 semester). Students pay for housing and meals in the host location. Students select available courses from the host university catalogue and earn transfer credit upon their return to W&M (grades are not posted on the W&M transcript).

The application deadline for exchange programs with a Fall or Academic Year option is mid-March.

The application deadline for exchange programs with a Spring option is beginning of October with the exception of some schools at the University of Nottingham (mid-March the year prior), and Keio University, McGill University, and National University of Singapore (early September).  

A Note on Tuition Exchange Semester Programs: Exchanges are a reciprocal relationship where W&M accepts qualified students from our partner institutions to attend W&M for either a semester or academic year, and in return, W&M students attend our partner institutions for a semester or academic year, and pay tuition and fees directly to W&M. 

Please note that at times we are not able to send students on a particular exchange, or may need to limit the number of students we send, as we need to remain within balance with each partner, making at times exchange programs potentially competitive in nature. Due to these enrollment fluctuations, at times in both directions, as well as other unforeseen circumstances, it is possible for an exchange to be unavailable from one semester to the next. Please note this if planning to study abroad more than a semester in advance: exchanges are not a guaranteed option for the semester you wish to study abroad.

In the event that an exchange is closed for any reason, our office will work closely with you to identify other options that might be available. Exchange balances are reviewed on a semester basis. Students planning to study abroad in advance should be aware and consider alternative exchanges or programs. 

Please also note that with the exception of St Andrews* and Adelaide* (2019-20 and 2020-2021), W&M students will only be able to study abroad at one of our exchange partner institutions via the exchange option during the academic year (fall and/or spring terms). In keeping with the spirit of these collaborative agreements, exchange spots allow for more movement between these institutions and ensure that students will have the opportunity to study equally for years to come. These exchange relationships also ensure that all students on a given program receive the same access to things such as course registration, housing, academic programs, etc. As such, students are not permitted to enroll directly or through a third-party program on any of our current exchange partners. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Global Education Advisor for the exchange.

 f you want to know if a particular program is accepting applications for the following semester, please contact the GEO or review the program page on our website for the most up to date information.

List of W&M Exchange partners

Australia: University of Adelaide Assisted Enroll*

Austria: Vienna University of Economics & Business

Canada: McGill University
China: Tsinghua University
England: University of Exeter
England: University of Nottingham
France: L'Institut d'Études Politiques de Lille

France: Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier III

Japan: Akita International University

Japan: Keio University

Netherlands: Leiden University
Scotland: University of St Andrews Exchange

Scotland: University of St Andrews Assisted Enroll*
Singapore: National University of Singapore
South Korea: Yonsei University
Wales: Cardiff University