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Steps for Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a chance to learn and grow in ways you never imagined, and at W&M it's only a six step process.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and go global!

Step One: Attend Study Abroad Workshops

Step Two: Read the Study Abroad Handbook

Step Three: Research Your Options

Step Four: Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor

Step Five: Select a Program

Step Six:  Apply to Study Abroad

Do you want to learn about the unique features of study abroad programs and the steps to make it a reality?  You can now view the 101 workshop online below. 

{{youtube:medium|f-neVGCHJrM, Study Abroad 101 Workshop}}

If you have questions about study abroad after viewing the 101 workshop email peeradvisors@wm.edu or plan to attend the required 201 workshop held in the Reves Center or on Tuesday evenings at Swem.