Post-Approval of Course Credit

All students must register their study abroad program with the Global Education Office at the Reves Center BEFORE leaving campus in order to be eligible for credit.

In the event that you take a course abroad which has not been pre-approved (either because the academic department will not pre-approve or because you took a course you had not anticipated taking), you will have to apply for post-approval in order to receive course credit. Save all materials from your course(s) abroad (course description, syllabi, papers, exams, and other course-related information), as you may need to provide some or all of this information to the appropriate departments when requesting approval. Department chairs have the right to refuse credit if you do not provide the information they require.

Once all courses have been approved by the appropriate departments and final transcripts have been received, your credits will be evaluated and sent to the Registrar's Office for posting to your record. The Global Education Office cannot approve courses, but will calculate and convert the number of credits earned while abroad. Neither faculty members nor the Registrar's Office calculates or converts foreign credits.

Obtain Department Post-Approval

To seek post-approval of courses taken abroad, you will need to complete a Study Abroad Transfer Credit Approval Form (.pdf) and coordinate with the appropriate department chair(s) or designee(s) for their signature. Check with the department about which materials you need to submit in addition to the form. Most departments will want to see course work, syllabi, course descriptions, and a reading list. Many departments will also require a copy of your most recent Degree Works before providing post-approval.

There is no deadline to submit post approval forms after completion of a study abroad program.  It may take up to two or three weeks to obtain faculty approval once you drop off the materials, especially at the beginning of each semester.

Once the appropriate faculty member has completed the post-approval form, please return the form only to the Global Education Office at the Reves Center. Please note that during peak times of the semester it may take 3-4 weeks after the Global Education Office has received your official transcript and course approvals before the credits will be posted to your record. 

Be aware that certain departments have special requirements and regulations for credit approval.