Green Travel

The Reves Center is proud to be a part of the Climate Action Plan. This plan will introduce steps to work towards W&M's carbon neutrality goals as a part of the Sustainability Plan. The goal of the Study Abroad Working Group is to explore and suggest ways to address emissions produced through study abroad travel, while still encouraging and supporting student participation by refining ideas and building consensus across the campus community. 

There are many ways for you to get involved! Even a small act can have a big impact. Below you will find a Green Travel Guide with suggestions for sustainable travel, resources with more information, any upcoming events or activities for you to join, and more on our plan to create sustainable programming. 

Green Travel Guide

There are many things you can do be ecologically responsible while abroad, and reduce the impact you leave on the places you visit. Many of these can even save you money or help you dive deeper into the local culture.

  • Keep your showers very short
  • Minimize your use of electricity
  • Turn off air conditioning, heat, television, and lights when leaving your room
  • Reuse your sheets and towels several times before washing
  • Carry a reusable water bottle and coffee mug
  • Bring cloth shopping bags to the grocery store. (In many countries, plastic shopping bags are banned because of their environmental footprint!)
  • Buy from local farmers and markets (this includes souvenirs too!)
  • Eat local and try on a plant-rich diet (limiting meat to once a week or only as a small topping to a meal)
  • Exercise caution when buying items made from plants or animals. In some countries, souvenirs are made from endangered species (i.e. shells, ivory, animal skins, feathers, bushmeat)
  • Use public transportation. Consider buying a train/rail pass. Many countries may offer a student discount that will make traveling inexpensive and convenient
  • Plan a stay-cation and explore new parts of your host city
  • Uplug appliances and electronics when leaving for an excursion
  • Use reef safe sunscreen
  • Sustaina-bite Lunch - "Smart Travel Tips"
    • April 16 Chesapeake B, Register by April 14 to receive lunch

If you have any questions, please contact Marina Knapp [[mpknapp]]