Green Travel

There are many things you can do be ecologically responsible while abroad, and reduce the impact you leave on the places you visit.

While Living Abroad
  • Keep your showers very short
  • Minimize your use of electricity
  • Turn off air conditioning, heat, television, and lights when leaving your room
  • Reuse your sheets and towels several times before washing
  • Carry a reusable water bottle
  • Bring cloth shopping bags to the grocery store. (In many countries, plastic shopping bags are banned because of their environmental footprint!)
  • Buy from local farmers and markets
  • Use a digital camera instead of a disposable one
  • Exercise caution when buying items made from plants or animals. In some countries, souvenirs are made from endangered species (i.e. shells, ivory, animal skins, feathers, bushmeat)
  • Use public transportation. Consider buying a train/rail pass. Many countries have excellent train and subway systems that make traveling inexpensive and convenient
Traveling While Abroad
  • Turn your water heater to the lowest setting
  • Turn off your water from the outside
  • Unplug all electronics and appliances
  • Turn off the icemaker
  • Reuse your sheets and towels at hostels and hotels (or notify room service that they don't need to be changed)