Registering for W&M Courses

Registration for W&M courses while you are abroad (for the semester you return) operates the same way it does when you are on campus. Using Banner Web, you will be able to register during your registration block just as if you were on campus.

Check Your Registration Status

Check your registration status in Banner prior to registration. Ideally, you will have taken care of any holds on your record prior to your departure, but in the event that holds still exist, contact the office that placed the hold, and meet the conditions of the hold as soon as possible so that it does not prevent you from registering for classes. Banner will also show you how many institutional and transfer hours you currently have, as well as your current curriculum.

Procedures for Registration

Provided you have an internet connection, W&M students can register via myWM from anywhere in the world. Registration information will be sent to students' W&M email accounts approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of registration, but you can read about the process ahead of time on the University Registrar's website.

Registration for fall semester takes place in early April; registration for spring semester will happen in early November.

For additional dates for registration, schedule adjustment and add/drop, please see the combined calendar for the specific term on the W&M website.

Registration Windows

Undergraduate students register during the advance registration window according to social class. These windows are defined on the University Registrar's website. Once a window opens, it stays open until the end of the advance registration period, which lasts for several weeks. Once a window opens, students can register 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except during daily maintenance procedures, which occur from 3-5 a.m. EST daily. Additional registration dates open after the exam period.

Course Schedule

The Course Schedule is a live course listing, meaning you will be able to see course changes as they are made by academic departments. Changes include, but are not limited to, instructor, capacity, location, and/or course cancellation.


Banner automatically checks for prerequisites during registration; if a student tries to register for a class and does not have the prerequisite course(s) on his/her record, an error will result and prevent registration into that course by the student. Ultimately, the student is responsible for making sure he/she has credit for all course prerequisites before registering. See the Course Schedule for specific course prerequisites.

Registration Overrides

For courses that require instructor or department approval, you will need an override before you can add them to your schedule. An override is an electronic approval that the course instructor attaches to your record. To obtain an Instructor Override, you need to contact the instructor of the course. Once you have the override, the registration system requires you to add the course. If you need to add a course that has closed, you should contact the instructor for a Maximum Capacity Override. Once the override is attached to your record, you will be able to add the course, even though it has closed.

Full Time Course Load Requirement

Undergraduate students studying abroad are still required to take an equivalent full-time course load, unless they have been approved by the Dean of Students for an underload.

Problems with Registration

If you know ahead of time that you will not have access to a computer during your registration window, or if you have trouble completing registration on-line, fill out the questionnaire on your application relating to "Course Registration While Abroad" or contact [[adferguson, Adam Ferguson]] at the Reves Center with the list of courses for which you wish to register. You will need to provide your name, student ID number, the day and time your window opens, course title, course number and CRN number. If your desired course requires instructor permission or a pre-requisite (even one you are earning while abroad), you will need to ask for an override with the instructor yourself. Have a few alternate courses in mind, listed in order of preference.