Pre-Approval of Course Credit

In preparation for study abroad, students need to seek pre-approval of their intended courses from the chair or designee of the department(s) for which they wish to receive credit. (The only exception are the W&M faculty-led summer, La Plata and Sevilla semester programs, for which students do not need course pre-approval as the courses will have already been approved.) Below are the steps to receive pre-approval:

  1. Review the Departmental Requirements for each department you will be seeking approval from. Be aware that certain departments have special requirements and regulations for credit approval and/or may only issue post-approval of course credit
    1. You must also submit a  detailed descriptions of your intended courses and a copy of your W&M transcript or Degree Works printed from myWM. 
  2. Complete a Study Abroad Transfer Credit Approval Form (.pdf) and send the form along with any requirement materials to the appropriate faculty approver (listed on page 2 of the form).

Please allow sufficient time for faculty approvals.  It may take up to two or three weeks to obtain approval.  Pre-approval forms do NOT need to be turned into the Global Education Office by the registration/application deadline, however forms will need to be submitted by students in order for the approvals to be processed.  It is recommended that you do submit them before you leave campus the semester prior to studying abroad. Before submitting them please make a copy or take a picture so you have it for reference while abroad.

Students must transfer back at least 12 W&M credits for each semester abroad or all credits received during a summer or winter program. Students will have 1 semester back on campus to complete these requirements before a registration hold is placed on the student account. This is required for all registered study abroad programs even if the student does not need the credit.