International Internships and Employment

Credit Bearing Internship Opportunities While Studying Abroad

There are several study abroad programs which offer part-time internships during a semester or summer.  These internships are typically imbedded into the curriculum of a seminar class and have an academic component for which credit will be awarded. Often the study abroad provider can offer a wide range of internship placements depending on interest.  Some internship options may require an additional fee.

Students are also required to maintain a full course load of the equivalent of 12 W&M credits while abroad for a semester. There is no minimum credit amount for summer study abroad, unless you receive financial aid.  In those cases you must take a minimum of 6 credits.

The following W&M Sponsored Semester programs offer the possibility of internships:

The following providers offer internship placements in select programs (to participate in these types of study abroad/internship programs students apply directly to the program and register online with the Global Education Office by the appropriate deadline for that semester):

NON-Credit Bearing Internship Opportunities

The Cohen Career Center is responsible for advising and providing information about non-credit bearing international internships and employment to undergraduate students. For more information on these topics, students should call 221-3231 to make an appointment with the appropriate Career Advisor.  These internships are NOT study abroad and students do not need to register with the Global Education Office to participate.

The Cohen Career Center also offers a comprehensive range of Events and Workshops designed to help W&M students succeed in obtaining internships and employment. These sessions include specialized training about how to maximize your study abroad experience in interviews and for future career opportunities.You’ll find more international resources on the Career Center’s web site, especially through their Internship Databases page.

International Summer Internship Scholarships

The Reves Center for International Studies funds a number of Summer International Internship Scholarships each year. For additional information and to apply for an international internship scholarship, students should visit the Charles Center’s page for Summer Scholarships.