Study Abroad Insurance

CISI Comprehensive Medical and Evacuation Insurance 


Insurance Designed for Students Abroad


Every student studying abroad needs to have comprehensive coverage that can be used for medical and security emergencies while in another country. The health care insurance a student currently has may only cover basic issues while abroad such as routine doctor’s visits for minor ailments and injuries. In addition, visa regulations for some countries require students to purchase special insurance coverage that allows visiting students access to their health care system for routine doctor’s visits. However, your home insurance and the basic coverage required to obtain a visa typically do not provide comprehensive care, including evacuations, for emergencies or prolonged treatments.

William & Mary requires that all William & Mary students studying abroad purchase W&M's study abroad insurance plan for the duration of their academic program. At this time, insurance is provided through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). CISI offers insurance that is specially designed for the needs of students abroad. It includes basic health insurance, coverage for emergency medical or security evacuation, repatriation, and emergency medical family reunion.  It also includes 24/7 telephone assistance, medical referral, medical monitoring and prescription drug replacement/shipment .  The World Class Coverage Plan with CISI is administered through William & Mary and has a special range of coverage, tailored for William & Mary students. While abroad CISI will become the student's primary insurer.

For students studying abroad, coverage is provided at a flat rate of $170 per semester, or $65 for the summer.  It will be charged directly to the student's W&M account. If the student plans to travel before or after the program's period of study, the student can purchase additional coverage for the time of travel directly from CISI at their standard rate, which is somewhat higher than the group rate.

When and how do I use CISI insurance?

The policy’s benefits plan and claim form can be found here. Upon enrollment, the student will receive an email from CISI with quick reference information that they should carry with them at all times during their period of coverage.

Things to keep in mind: 

  • How the student uses this insurance varies from country to country depending on their health care system.
  • Team Assist (TAP), an auxiliary service of CISI insurance, provides 24-hour telephone assistance. They can help find English speaking doctors and refer the student to the best medial facility for their injury or illness.
  • The CISI coverage through W&M carries a zero deductible.
  • Be prepared to pay for medical bills “out of pocket” while abroad. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the student keeps receipts for all medical expenses in order to file a claim for reimbursement. It is also important that the student has access to money (cash or ATM) to cover these “out of pocket” expenses, if needed.
  • If you need long term medical care or incur significant medical expenses, you should contact TAP immediately to open a case file. Make sure that your in-country health provider understands the importance of their communicating with Team Assist to facilitate payment.
  • If you have questions about the CISI insurance coverage while abroad contact them directly at +1-203-399-5130 Also, the Global Education Office at the Reves Center is only a call or email away +1-757-221-3594 or If the student has an emergency after normal working hours, please contact W&M Campus Police at +1-757-221-4596.