• Over $530,000 to be awarded in study abroad scholarships in 2018-2019 including summer 2019.

Reves-Administered Scholarships
  • Reves Center Scholarships
    Need-based awards for students participating in W&M-sponsored summer and semester programs. Donors make it possible for the Global Education Office to award the Reves Center Scholarships.
  • Chinese Government Scholarship
    For students studying at an eligible Chinese university
  • Critchfield Scholarship
    Merit and need-based awards for study in particular Arabic-speaking countries and particular countries in the Indian Ocean region.
  • Exeter Scholarship
    Merit and need-based award for study with the Exeter, U.K. exchange program
  • Holmes Scholarship
    Need-based scholarship for Art and Art History majors for study abroad in Florence, Italy. Preference will be given to Art History concentrators in their Junior or Senior year.

  • Korea Scholarship
    Merit and need-based awards for study in the Republic of Korea. Preference will be given to students participating in the W&M Exchange - Yonsei University program.

  • Mesarick Scholarship 
    Merit and need-based awards for study in Norway or other Scandinavian countries.  Preference will be given to students studying in Norway. 

  • Meyers Stern Scholarship 
    Merit based scholarship awarded to a student studying Judaic Studies in Israel or other location based upon approval from Judaic Studies.

  • Nance Scholarship 
    Need-based scholarship for undergraduate students who qualify for Federal financial aid. Preference will be given to students studying abroad for a semester or academic year.  

  • Robert M. and Rebecca W. Gates Scholarships
    Merit-based awards for outstanding students with a declared major in International Relations, Global Studies or Africana Studies.

  • Sullivan-Fildes Scholarship
    Merit-based award for study at particular institutions in the U.K., with a preference for year-long study

  • Tepper Scholarship 
    Merit-based grants for up to $2000 for students participating in the Bosnia, W&M Prague, or W&M St. Petersburg programs over the summer.
  • Zachary James Vaughan Memorial Scholarship
    Need-based award for a student committed to public service and cross-cultural understanding who is studying abroad for a semester.

Other William & Mary Scholarships
Third Party Provider Scholarships

Each of the following third party providers offers their own scholarships for students going on their programs.  For information regarding deadlines and specific scholarship application information, please visit their scholarship pages.

Other Scholarship Opportunities
Study Abroad Scholarship Search Engines

To find out more scholarship opportunities as they become available and to learn more about international education at W&M, please subscribe to the Reves Center’s Digest weekly electronic digest.