Non-U.S. Citizens Studying Abroad

International Students are able to study abroad through Reves Center for International Studies. Below are outlined steps to help international through the visa and study abroad program application.

  1. Apply for your visa as soon as possible
    Planning ahead is key to a smooth visa application process. Many students wait until the last minute and end up not receiving their visa on time, and as a result are not able to go on the study abroad program. It's important to think about where you will be applying for your visa. What cost, distance and arrangement will need to be made in advance? We recommend that international students carpool together up to D.C. or take the Amtrak train up to D.C.
  2. Pay attention to the details
    If an enrollment verification visa letter is required from William and Mary, please review your personal information on the visa letter well in advance to your embassy visit appointment. If a sponsorship letter is required from a university abroad this can take a few day to obtain; please make your request well in advance. Take the time and review the instructions for the visa application carefully. Many students end up having issues with their visa because they check off the wrong box. It’s best to adhere to the requirements and instructions as much as possible.
  3. Applying for your Visa- Keeping location in mind
    Students may be required to make a personal appearance at the consulate to obtain a visa. It may be best to apply for your visa in the U.S. since you will be W&M student and living in the U.S. for the majority of the year. Depending on when you will be studying abroad (i.e. Fall or Spring) you may want to think about how winter break and summer break may or may not affect you’re the visa application process. For instance, you do not want to start the visa application in November but have to leave the U.S. for winter break in December with the visa application incomplete.
  4. Maintain your current visa status
    Please ensure that your U.S. Visa is current so that you can re-enter the U.S. when returning from studying abroad.
  5. Hire someone to help you with the Visa Process
    You can hire a company to assist you with the application. We recommend using Travisa. You may also want to check with the host institution to see what resources or information they have available to you.
  6. Students assume all fees associated with obtaining their visa unless otherwise noted
    It is important that you know what is required of you before attempting to enter a country. Some countries require that you enter your country of study directly from your home country or do not allow you to enter certain other countries before arriving at your country of study.  Please contact the appropriate consulate before making travel plans.
The U.S. Department of State provides general information about visa requirements by country (type your destination country into the search bar below ‘Learn about your destination’ to read about Entry, Exit, and Visa Requirements).