First Generation Students

First Generation students have a unique position to succeed in study abroad based on their previous experience of attending college, navigating unfamiliar environments and systems. Studying abroad is one opportunity to consider that can add to your academic and career goals.

Things to consider:


While abroad it’s important to have a support network. Sharing your experience with fellow peers on the program as well as local students can help you navigate this new experience. Typically study program programs will have on site staff as well to act as a support system. You may also reach out to you GEO Advisor for additional guidance and support.

Program Type:

It’s important to understand the different cost associated with a semester, summer, and short-term, or academic year study abroad programs. W&M offers over 500,000 in scholarships. Make sure you research what’s included in the program fees, and what additional payments may be required outside of the program fees, for example, airfare, visas fees, passport, etc. Some meals may be included in the program, however its best to check with your GEO Advisor about included meals and cost of living in your program destination.

Diversity abroad provides tips and resources for first generation students on how to prepare for their time abroad. Diversity Abroad First Generation Students Guide.

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