Apply/Register to Study Abroad

The Global Education Office at Reves Center for International Studies is the primary source of information to help you select, apply to, and enroll in a study abroad program. All students going abroad-whether on a W&M program or not must register before departing, so that the Global Education Office can communicate your study abroad status to all appropriate departments in order to retain your status as an active student.  Even if you have studied abroad before, a separate registration is nevertheless required for each program you attend. 

Study Abroad Registration

Attending a W&M Program
If you plan to study abroad through a W&M Summer or Semester program, you will be automatically registered once you complete your online application.  Application deadlines for W&M programs vary, but are all prior to the registration deadlines listed below.

Studying through another Provider
You will submit your application directly to the program provider by their designated deadline and then register your study abroad program by the deadlines below.  Most providers will also require a signed form from an applicant's home university study abroad advisor as part of the application.  Please submit these forms to the Global Education Office, and allow 2-3 weeks for them be processed, as these require the Global Education Office to run a conduct check with the Dean of Students' office.

Study Abroad Registration Deadlines

Students who wish to study abroad with non-W&M program must register (including payment of their fee, and submission of their financial aid paperwork, travel photo, and any additional online documents) with the Global Education Office  by the deadlines listed below. Please note that pre-approval forms are NOT due by the following deadlines.  However they must be submitted to the Global Education Office at the Reves Center by the end of the semester prior to studying abroad.

If the program for which you are applying is NOT listed by name in the registration/application portal at and you must complete this Petition to Attend a Non-Approved Study Abroad Program, contact Debi DeBacco ([[dvdeba]]) in the Global Education Office at the Reves Center AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before seeking pre-approval or paying any fees associated with the program. This is to ensure that the program is eligible for credit transfer according to W&M requirements which include that credits be awarded by an accredited or degree granting institution. Please note: it may take 2-3 weeks for the Registrar's Office and the Global Education Office to determine eligibility of the program for transfer credit and registration. 

 Summer registration is only required if students wish to transfer credit or use financial aid; for semester study, registration is required.  Students who wish to study with W&M programs should refer to their individual programs for application deadlines, as these will be earlier than the deadlines listed below. 

  • Summer study: April 10, 2018
  • Fall/Academic Year study: April 10, 2018
  • Spring study: November 3, 2018

Students who wish to register after these deadlines must petition the Committee on Exceptions and pay a $100 late fee if approved. 

Students wishing to study in a travel warning country have petition deadlines that fall before those listed above; contact [[smmitt,Sylvia Mitterndorfer]], Director of Global Education, for more details.