Voices from Abroad

Spring 2014

Students from the W&M-sponsored semester programs share their thoughts on study abroad.

La Plata, Argentina

Kyle Titlow ’15

"During this program, I'm developing friendships that I know will stay with me forever, the value of which cannot be overstated, gaining personal experience with Argentina and its culture and people, and (a little cliché, I know) learning more about myself than I ever expected. For all the things that I can learn in a classroom at William & Mary, the only way to get these experiences is to go out and live them, and for that, studying abroad is irreplaceable."

Suzy Ziaii ’15

"What I love the most so far about studying abroad in La Plata is my host family, who made me feel welcome and comfortable from the first day I arrived. Living with a family has given me the    opportunity to completely immerse myself in Argentine culture and everyday life here. It has also helped my Spanish speaking skills tremendously. Another thing that I really like about the program is the partnership with the Comisión Provincial por la Memoria. The human rights core curriculum complements my academic interests perfectly and our professors are incredibly knowledgable, dynamic, and helpful. It has only been a month but I feel like I have already learned a ton since arriving."

Herford College, Oxford University, United Kingdom

Tessa Morrison ’15

"What I've loved most about Oxford is the people I've met. People are extremely passionate about what they're studying, but are also curious about disciplines outside their own, leading to interesting and enlightening conversations."

Montpellier, France

Alex Jimenez de Alcantara, ’16

"Besides being able to explore southern France, I think my favorite thing about the Montpellier program is that I get to live with a host mom.  I have the delight of learning about the French culture truly from the inside, whether it's my host mom's traditional-style cooking or learning how many kisses to give when meeting one of her invited friends."