Non-W&M Programs

W&M students with special interests or needs may opt for a study abroad program, either through another university or a third-party study abroad provider. Students work with Global Education advisors to identify the best program, and then apply and pay application fees directly to the provider and register with the Global Education Office by the applicable deadline. A $375 off-campus fee will be posted to the student's W&M account.  Coursework appears as transfer credit, and grades are not posted on transcripts.

If the program for which you are applying is NOT listed by name in the registration/application portal at and you must complete the Petition to Attend a Non-Approved Study Abroad Programcontact Global Education Advisor Debi DeBacco ( in the Global Education Office at the Reves Center AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before seeking pre-approval or paying any fees associated with the program. This is to ensure that the program is eligible for credit transfer according to W&M requirements which include that credits be awarded by an accredited or degree granting institution.

The registration deadline for all Fall, Academic year, or Summer programs is April 15 (or, if this date falls on a weekend, the prior Friday). 

The registration deadline for all Spring programs is November 4 (or, if this date falls on a weekend, the prior Friday).

If you choose to attend a non-W&M program, you apply through that program provider or university and then  register with the Reves Center by the above deadlines.

If you wish to submit a late application or registration to study abroad, you must complete an Appeal to the Committee on Exceptions form. A $100 late fee will apply.

Third Party Providers

The following are just some of the programs that have been popular with W&M students in the past. Programs in bold indicates a William & Mary affiliate-- that is, a program with which we have an established agreement and whose services we particularly trust. 

Some programs require a signed form certifying your program is approved by W&M, and that you are eligible to participate in the program. These clearances require us to check your student ID number with the Dean of Students office to ensure that you are eligible to study abroad. This process can take up to 4 weeks. Please complete the online W&M Study Abroad Advisor Approval Request Form to expedite the process of approval to study abroad. 

Direct Enrollment

William & Mary students may apply to enroll directly in any foreign university which accepts visiting international students. As a direct enroll student, you must meet all of the host institution's normal admissions requirements, including language proficiency; you are responsible for all aspects of your academic and residential life, just as you are here at W&M; and you pay tuition and all fees to the host university. Particular care must be taken to ensure that credits will transfer properly, so you are encouraged to work closely with your academic and Global Education advisors during your application and course selection process.