Student Conduct Code

While you are abroad, you will be viewed as an unofficial ambassador of the United States; you should therefore conduct yourself in a manner that befits that position, and reflects well upon William & Mary and upon yourself. In registering to study abroad, you agree to abide by the following behavior expectations.

Students who are on Disciplinary Probation or Deferred Suspension status are ineligible to study abroad during their first full semester in such status. If a sanction endures beyond one full semester (15 academic weeks), the student may petition the Director of Community Values & Restorative Practices for an exception. The Director, or designee, will make the final decision in consultation with the Director of Global Education, and that decision will be final and is not appealable.

As a visiting student in a foreign country, you are subject to the laws of that country, and to the academic and disciplinary rules and regulations of the institution and/or residential program with which you are engaged. You should act in a manner that is respectful of your host culture.

As a participant of study abroad, understand that you are still considered a William & Mary student. As such, you are required to abide by:

Failure to comply with the conduct restrictions enumerated may result in disciplinary action. The university reserves the right to dismiss any participant from its W&M programs for reasons of unacceptable behavior. Such dismissal will be without refund, and any expenses incurred for return transportation will be the responsibility of the student. Dismissal from a program other than a W&M program may also result in academic or financial consequences, which are solely the student's responsibility.