Late Fees

William and Mary Programs

Please apprise yourself of the deadline for your chosen W&M program as they vary and are sometimes set far in advance of the program itself.

Non-William and Mary Programs

If you are seeking to study abroad through a 3rd-party provider, through another university, or enrolling directly at another school, you need to register with the Reves Center by November 5th for the Spring 2019 Semester, and April 1st for the Fall 2019 Semester, Academic Year, and Summer Term. NOTE: You must register with the Global Education Office by the above dates even if your program's application is not due by that date -- registration allows W&M to maintain your active student status, transfer any eligible credits to your transcript, and other vital processes.

Applications and deposit and final payments (W&M programs) or registrations (non-W&M programs) submitted late are subject to a late fee. In order to apply/register, you must complete an Appeal to the Committee on Exceptions form. If the appeal is approved, a $100 late fee will apply.