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Travel Review Committee

Guidance for Arts & Sciences faculty and graduate students

The health, safety, and security of each member of the William & Mary community is of utmost importance when traveling for research. COVID-19 has had an impact on all travel; special precautions and safety measures are needed to help mitigate the risk of spreading the disease. The Travel Review Committee (TRC) provides Arts & Sciences with support and guidance regarding travel and reviews all plans for travel for William & Mary (W&M) faculty and graduate students.  The committee is also responsible for reviewing international travel plans for faculty and graduate students not covered by a grant who wish to travel overseas. If you are traveling on behalf of W&M for the spring semester, you must apply to the committee through the portal. The Reves Center’s International Travel & Security Manager (ITSM) chairs the TRC. The Vice-Provost for International Affairs and Dean of Arts and Sciences are the appeals persons in the process.

Please note: If you intend to travel on a grant or part of the Mellon Foundation grant, then you must [[dmanos, email Dennis Manos]], Vice Provost for Research and Graduate/Professional Studies, for approval to travel. Please allow 5-7 business days for a decision.

members and procedures of the trc
Current TRC Members
  • [[snvasquez,Nick Vasquez]] – International Travel & Security Manager (Chair)
  • Sylvia Mitterndorfer – Director, Global Education Office
  • Pamela Mason – Chief Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator
  • Sue Peterson – Department Chair, Reves Professor of Government and International Relations
  • Sarah Glosson – Director, Arts and Sciences Graduate Center
  • Eugene Tracy – Chancellor, Professor of Physics
  • Francis Tanglao-Aguas – Professor of Theater and Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies

TRC members evaluate applications and offer guidance to A&S faculty and graduate students wishing to travel domestically and overseas. The ITSM, your Dean, and others are able to meet with you about your travel. During the spring 2021 semester, the TRC can help you determine whether the travel is feasible or not. 

Risk Assessment

The TRC monitors the United States and countries across the globe. The committee analyzes, assesses and determines a state or country’s risk rating using a number of different metrics. The committee uses resources from the federal government as well as foreign government entities to make determinations on a state or country’s viability. The TRC engages with W&M experts on certain regions and countries to make a final determination on whether or not a traveler will be approved by the TRC. The committee takes into account government entities such as the US Department of State Travel AdvisoriesCDC Travel Notices, non-U.S. government advisories, and other W&M travel resources.


The metrics the TRC will reference are as follows:

  1. Research and Academic necessity
  2. Personal accountability
  3. Pandemic response of destination
  4. Local support
  5. Onsite situation of COVID-19
  6. Local familiarity (International travel only)
Application Process

An applicant will petition through the TRC travel portal. The TRC meets periodically to determine if a traveler is able to travel to their destination. If approved, you will have to upload the approval email to Chrome River. If not approved, you may petition directly to the Vice-Provost for International Affairs and Dean of Arts and Sciences directly with an email.