Yiying Liu


Undergraduate Student: Physics
Email: [[e|yliu22,Yiying Liu]]

About Yiying

I am Yiying Liu, a rising junior with physics major. My hometown is Qingdao, China. I previously served in College Partnership with Kids, Branch Out Haiti Compact Team, and Greater City because I love volunteering and traveling.  I have gained great pleasure working and communicating with different groups of people and my experiences enable me to see diverse aspects of our society. I am also inspired to be more actively involved in college affairs through giving suggestions.

Aware that some needs of international students ought to be addressed and our tribe family’s diversity should be more appreciated, I would like to contribute my efforts by working at ISAB. Meanwhile, I believe ISAB will foster my leadership skills, deepen my cultural perceptions, and broaden my circle of collaboration. I am looking forward to making a change with those who are passionate for progress and equality.