GRAD English Language Support Classes

The W&M English Language program, in collaboration with the Graduate Center, offers English language support classes to new and current graduate students.

English Placement Test

As part of International student orientation, the Reves Center conducts an English language placement test for new graduate students in Arts and Sciences programs. This is required by the faculty of Arts & Sciences and is used to determine if a student would benefit from an English language support class (listed below). The test results do not impact a student’s admission or enrollment into his/her program.

This test consists of two parts: a test of Reading, Writing and Grammar (50 minutes) and Oral Proficiency Interview (10 minutes).

Test details for Fall 2017
Date:  Tuesday, August 22
Time:  10am-12pm
Location: Reves Center
Required: #2 pencil

The following classes will be offered to graduate students in Fall 2017:

GRAD 501 - English Conversation & Pronunciation

(0 credit)Graded Pass/Fail. Students will learn more about the rhythm, stress, and intonation patterns of spoken English, improve their ability to communicate with others, and practice distinguishing sounds that are unique to the English language. Recorded assignments and in-class discussions will allow students opportunities to practice their conversational skills and learn more about American culture. 
Mondays, 7-8:30pm

GRAD 505 - Oral Presentation Skills

(0 credit) Graded Pass/Fail. This course is for domestic and international students who want to refine their oral communication skills and learn more about presentation norms. Students will participate in various kinds of oral communication activities, including public speaking, critiquing speech content, organization, and delivery, and presenting a paper following specific guidelines set forth by a conference or association. 
Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm

Classes begin the week of September 11 and meet 10 times. There is no charge for the classes and they do appear on the official transcript.

These classes are only open to degree-seeking graduate students of W&M. Visiting scholars, visiting students, and family members may enroll in classes offered by the Intensive English Program.