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W&M English Language Programs
  • Intensive English Program
  • Preparatory summer programs for incoming W&M students
    • Global Business English Program
    • International Freshmen Advantage Program
  • English support classes for W&M graduate students 
      • GRAD 501 - English Conversation & Pronunciation

        Fall(0 credit)Graded Pass/Fail. In this course students who are non-native English speakers will learn more about the rhythm, stress, and intonation patterns of spoken English, improve their ability to communicate with others, and practice distinguishing sounds that are unique to the English language. Recorded assignments and in-class discussions will allow students opportunities to practice their conversational skills and learn more about American culture. 

        GRAD 503 - Listening, Speaking & Pronunciation Skills

        Spring(0 credit) GradedPass/Fail. Listening and speaking are inextricably linked. Active listening is a key component to correcting pronunciation errors, and is essential for academic, professional, and personal success. This course is designed for nonnative English speakers who wish to develop their English proficiency. A variety of resources including film, CDs, and the Internet, expose students to different American accents and speech patterns. Recorded assignments provide opportunities for self-assessment and instructor feedback. 

        GRAD 505 - Oral Presentation Skills

        Fall and Spring(0 credit) GradedPass/Fail. This course is for domestic and international students who want to refine their oral communication skills and learn more about presentation norms. Students will participate in various kinds of oral communication activities, including presenting speeches given for different purposes, critiquing speech content, organization, and delivery, and presenting a paper following specific guidelines set forth by a conference or association. 

  • Customized programs for special groups
  • Training and support for W&M faculty and staff
  • E-learning/ Virtual Conversation Partner Program/ Conversation Partner Program

Contact: [[sjsech,Steve Sechrist]]

Other W&M Programs & Resources
ESL/TESOL Teacher Preparation

TESOL Minor, Modern Languages & Literatures

Contact: [[kmkuli,Katherine Kulick]]

ESL Dual Endorsement, School of Education

Contact: [[kbarkoalva,Katherine Barko-Alva]]
English Department 

WRIT 101A: Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers (undergraduate course)

Contact: [[ljacobson,Lori Jacobson]]

Law School

Legal Advantage Program for LLM students

Contact: [[jsstevenson,Jennifer Stevenson]]

Writing Resources Center (WRC), Swem Library

Academic writing support

Contact: [[slzube,Sharon Zuber]]
Tribe TutorZone, Campus Center


Contact: [[naever,Nancy Everson]]
Academic Enrichment Program, Campus Center

Small group workshops such as note-taking, preparing for finals, etc.

Contact: [[naever,Nancy Everson]]
Community-based Programs

Literacy for Life

Literacy for Williamsburg community members

Contact: [[jpeterson,Joan Peterson]]
C-PALS (Community Partnership for Adult Learners)

Student-run ESL classes


Contact: [[jfarri,Jonathan Arries]]