Faculty Fellows Application

The Reves Center supports faculty-student research and collaboration on internationally-focused, engaged scholarship. One of more faculty fellows is designated each year. The deadline for applications for 2020 fellowships is December 13, 2019.

Terms of the 2020 Reves Faculty Fellowship

  1. The Faculty Fellows program is designed to encourage proposals for projects from several months to one year in duration, and from $5,000 to $10,000 in costs. Faculty whose proposals are funded will have the opportunity to apply for extended funding for up to one additional year.
  2. Funding may be used toward a broad range of costs, to cover time spent on the project, travel and related expenses for faculty and students, materials, etc. No more than 50% of any proposal can go toward faculty salary/benefits. Faculty members who have partial funding toward the project from other sources may apply for supplemental funding through this program.
  3. The initiative is open to full-time William & Mary faculty in all academic units. Proposals are invited from faculty with significant experience in the international arena as well as those seeking to expand the focus of their work to include international, global, and/or trans-national approaches.
  4. Research, scholarship, and creative work is understood broadly to include the perspectives and practices of all departments, programs, and schools at the university.
  5. All proposals require approval from the faculty member's department chair. 
  6. All project reimbursements and vendor payments will be processed in the faculty member's home department. Department administrators will submit a JV to the Reves Center for reimbursement.

Guiding Principles

  1. The focus of this program is on projects that involve students either through student-faculty collaborations on an international research project, or that involve research, teaching, and learning through community-based engagement.
  2. Proposals must make clear the international, global, and/or trans-national focus/context of the project and also the relevance to globally engaged learning and teaching. With rare exceptions, the project must include an overseas research component.
  3. Projects must include either graduate and/or undergraduate students.
  4. Proposals should include a discussion of how the project fits with the faculty member's short- and longer-term research and teaching goals and objectives. Providing information about initial work done to prepare for the project as well as existing international connections is also helpful.
  5. Proposals should include an explanation of what the project results will be and how these results will be disseminated, both within W&M and more broadly.
  6. Projects with the potential for sustainability beyond the period of Reves Center funding will receive special consideration.
  7. Faculty who are funded are expected to participate in select Reves Center events during and following the funding period, in order to share information about and help promote the program.
  8. Faculty who are funded are also expected to provide a written summary of 800-1,000 words about the work and research conducted through the Faculty Fellows program, which will be used in W&M communications to promote the international dimensions of the university and shared with the Reves International Advisory Board.

To Apply

To apply, please submit your proposal and current CV electronically to Cindy Gass, at the Reves Center, no later than 5 pm on Friday, December 13, 2019. The proposal should include:

1. A 5-7 page description of the project, including three main elements:

  • The research questions, teaching objectives, and/or project goals, as well as the project work location. Please also include any information about existing connections with resources onsite if applicable.
  • A brief overview of the relationship of the proposed project to your short- and long-term research and teaching goals.  Include a description of how your work involves student research and/or community engagement.
  • A brief discussion of how the project's findings will be disseminated and how you might ensure the project's sustainability after the period of funding.
  • A brief discussion about how you will recruit and involve students to participate in this project.

2. A one-page outline and/or timeline of plans, activities, and goals for the funding period.

3. A budget outlining how funds will be used, and a brief description of other funds you have applied for and/or received for this or a related project.

A faculty committee will select grantees. Awards will announced by February 14, 2020. Faculty Fellow funds should be utilized between May 15, 2020 and May 14, 2021. Exceptions to this timeframe will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Any extensions must be approved by the Reves Center before April 15, 2021.