2015 Faculty Fellows

Jennifer Kahn, Department of Anthropology

“Investigating Human-Environment Interactions and Food Webs in French Polynesia.” Kahn will continue an international research project focused on a comparative approach to investigate different cultural responses to ecosystem changes within two Polynesian societies. Her project will involve natural science and archaeological field work with William & Mary students in French Polynesia.

Christopher Hein, VIMS - Physical Sciences

“Brazilian Beach Ridges as Recorders of Coastal Response to Holocene Climate Change.” This research seeks to investigate the link between sediment-supply-driven coastal evolution and past climatic variability in diverse coastal setting, with a goal of using this link to forecast future responses to regionally specific climate changes.

Philip Roessler, Government
“Mobile Phone Ownership and Women’s Empowerment: A Field Experiment in Tanzania.”  Few randomized control trials have tested the impact of mobile phone ownership on an individual’s life and livelihood. This study has the potential to advance our understanding of the impact of the mobile phone technology on women’s empowerment and our understanding of the behavioral effects of mobile phone ownership.

M. Ann Shillingford-Butler, School of Education - Counselor Education

“Enhancing Multicultural Competencies for Today’s Diverse Educational System.” Cross-cultural research between William & Mary and the University of the West Indies: Cavehill, Barbados (UWI), to expose students to the challenges and successes of counseling and teaching a diverse group of K-12 students. They will engage with students from minority populations, their families, and counselors, some of whom may be multilingual.