2011 Reves Faculty Fellows

Paula Pickering, Department of Government

The Bosnia Project is a long-running collaboration between William & Mary and non-governmental organizations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as the oldest student-run international service trip at the university. Pickering’s proposal allows W&M students to work in Zenica, Bosnia to teach English language courses, nonviolent communication, and media production skills, as well as promote intercultural understanding and goodwill as citizen diplomats. Students will work with local organizations Sezam and Creativus as well as in partnership with University of Sarajevo students.

Alexander Prokhorov
, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Jes Therkelsen, Teaching Filmmaker-in-Residence

Prokhorov and Therkelsen's proposal will create a collaborative undergraduate research initiative to reevaluate the history and environment of St. Petersburg, Russia through a multimedia project. Several sites relevant to the city’s urban environment will be examined, and undergraduate student research will focus on environmental issues such as development, its effect on representations of the past, and governing fragile eco-systems. Through the interdisciplinary research team, this project creates a collaboration between the Russian, Literary and Cultural Studies, Environmental Science and Policy, and Film Studies programs at William & Mary.

Silvia Tandeciarz
, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Betsy Konefal, Department of History

Tandeciarz and Konefal's proposal will allow William & Mary students to research the history and representation of Cold War-era dictatorships in the Southern Cone, with an emphasis on the Argentine case. Students will work with U.S. government declassified documents, with documents from Paraguayan intelligence archives, and with official Argentine documents housed in the intelligence police archives at the Comisión Provincial por la Memoria in La Plata, Argentina and in the Historical Archive of the Argentine Foreign Ministry in Bueno Aires, Argentina. This project will create and disseminate a document-based historical narrative of repression and resistance covering the full span of Argentina’s military dictatorship, 1976 to 1983.

Kevin Vose
, Department of Religious Studies

Vose's proposal will allow William & Mary undergraduate students to travel to Nepal to investigate the impediments to and cultural resources for promoting long-term maternal and child health in Achham, one of the poorest districts in Nepal.  The research team will take a multidisciplinary look at the community’s attitudes toward maternal and child health, and analyze the region’s worldviews to identify traditional practices that can be better utilized to promote health, thereby bridging the scientific and religious perspectives on health, well-being, and illness. It will also assess the needs of the area, including nutrition, sanitation, drinking water quality, and HIV/AIDS education.  A plan for health promotion will be developed.