2010 Reves Faculty Fellows

Tim Barnard, American Studies Program

Barnard's proposal will create a collaborative research project on a transnational, Franco-American “gangster style” generated through film. Working in conjunction with students in Paris and Montpellier, France, William & Mary students will research the distribution, promotion, exhibition, and signs of reception of specific French and Hollywood gangster films in each country, and contribute their findings to a website and online database. W&M students will then synthesize their findings from both countries for presentations at a public film event held in Williamsburg, Virginia. A W&M undergraduate student will also conduct archival research and oral history interviews in Paris and Montpellier, France

Pamela Eddy
, School of Education

Eddy's proposal will allow for the creation of  a faculty, graduate student, and undergraduate student research team to explore the internationalization of the curriculum at William & Mary, and international collaborations and partnerships.  The team will investigate how W&M faculty define and internationalize educational efforts at home, how faculty and student experiences abroad impact global competency, how faculty are involved in international collaborations, and what structures form from these burgeoning partnerships. The proposal's long-term goal is to create a graduate course on global studies that includes travel abroad to study other systems of higher education.

Hiroshi Kitamura
, Department of History

Kitamura's proposed project seeks to promote the understanding of food culture and foodways in the United States by situating them in an international context. More specifically, Kitamura and a team of undergraduate students will re-evaluate the culinary and everyday habits of American “fast food culture” by comparing and contrasting them with the international “slow food culture” stemming from Europe.  Fieldwork will take place in Williamsburg, Virginia and Parma, Italy.

Kimberley Phillips, Department of History

Phillips' proposal builds upon an on-going collaboration with undergraduate students to identify research topics in non-Western sources and official documents that provide insight into the variety of relationships between Americans and Vietnamese, especially non-military and non-adversarial relationships that pre-dated the U.S. war.  A specific focus of this research is Philippa Schuyler, an African American journalist who traveled to Vietnam in the mid-1960s and then wrote about the American anti-communist efforts. This proposal will allow students to conduct research at the Combined Document Exploitation Center (CDEC) and Vietnam National Archives in Vietnam.

Paula Pickering
, Department of Government

The Bosnia Project is a long-running collaboration between William &  Mary and non-governmental organizations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as the oldest student-run international service trip at the university. Pickering’s proposal allows W&M students to work in Zenica, Bosnia to teach English language courses and nonviolent communication, as well as promote intercultural understanding and goodwill as citizen diplomats. Students will conduct research on nonviolent communication in youth educational programming and curriculum, a photographic study of the divisions and commonalities in Bosnian society, and the relationship between communication and violence in the region.

Sophia Serghi
, Department of Music

Serghi's proposal will support the creation of a Touring Choir at the Drug Fighter's School, a public K-12 school/orphanage situated in Kibera, Kenya, adjacent to Nairobi. It is hoped that the choir will be able to perform at Kenyatta University’s Department of University for an audience of diplomats, academics, and state dignitaries. William & Mary undergraduate students will have the opportunity to participate in the re-building of the Drug Fighters’ School and the creation of the Touring Choir, as well as filming the efforts to create a documentary.

Sharon Zuber
, Department of English and Film Studies Program

Zuber's proposal supports the implementation of a new multimedia initiative allowing William & Mary’s long-running Bosnia Project to include teaching media production skills to children and teenagers, and video production workshops resulting in short documentaries about identity and life in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  A William &  Mary undergraduate team, and graduate student Media Supervisor, will carry out this implementation.