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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are excited to have a diverse group of stakeholders including leaders in academia, K-12 education, business, government, and the NGO sectors join us April 11-13, 2014 for this timely policy conference on the future of international and foreign language studies.  A decade has passed since the last comprehensive assessment of education’s role in meeting the nation’s global competence needs.  Our conference builds on the findings of two successful policy conferences sponsored by the Coalition for International Education:  International Education in the New Global Era UCLA (1997) and Global Challenges and U.S. Higher Education Duke University (2003).

Internationalization of U.S. Education in the 21st Century will review the impact of globalization and demographic shifts on U.S. human resource needs for global competence at home and abroad.  Successful international education strategies and structures in the context of recent trends toward internationalizing U.S. education also will be examined.  It is our goal that conferees will identify and reach consensus on national policy directions needed to ensure that U.S. educational institutions and other stakeholders are well positioned to address the nation’s global competence needs going forward.

We look forward to your participation. 

Kind regards,

Stephen E. Hanson
Vice Provost for International Affairs

Miriam A. Kazanjian, Consultant
Coalition for International Education