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Conference Research Papers and Presentations

Plenary Research Papers on National Human Resource Needs Assessments

Government Needs
Gail McGinn, Government Needs and Shortages in Foreign Language and Regional Expertise and Knowledge 
Abstract, (pdf)
Business and Workforce Needs

Shirley J. Daniel, Ben Kedia and Fujiao Xie, 2014 U.S. Business Needs for Employees with International Expertise 
Executive Summary (pdf)

The State of Area Studies

Laura Adams, The State of Area Studies: a survey of foreign language and area studies specialists in higher education (pdf)

The State of Language K-12 Teacher and Higher Education Faculty Capacity

Rosemary G. Feal, Martha Abbott, Dennis Looney, Foreign Language Educators in K-12 and Postsecondary Institutions: Needs, Shortages, and New Directions
Abstract, Executive Summary, (pdf)

Breakout Panels on Assessing International and Foreign Language Education Strategies and Structures

K-12 and International and Foreign Language Education: Teacher Training and Resouce Delivery Today

Sara West Tully, Rapporteur:  Summary Themes and Recommendations (pdf)

Caitlin Haugen and Jennifer Manise, K-12 and IFLE: Teacher Development and Resource Delivery Today  (pdf)
Margo Glew, K-12 and International and Foreign Language Education: Global Teacher Education  (pdf)
Olga Kagan, Multilingual Los Angeles: The Impact of Immigrant Language Communities on Language Education in Public High Schools  (pdf)
Jamie Leite, Utah’s State Initiative for Dual Language Immersion  (pdf)

Corporate Collaborations with Higher Education for Enhancing U.S. Global Competitiveness 

Mark Ballam, Rapporteur: Summary Report and Recommendations for Corporate Collaborations (pdf)

Gary L. Clinton, MBAs Solving Real-World Challenges for Global Clients  (pdf)

Silke Scholz, Hexagon Metrology: Where Quality Comes Together  (pdf)

International and Foreign Language Education and the Internationalization of Professional and STEM Education

John Grandin and Sigrid Berka, The University of Rhode Island International Engineering Program:  A Model for Globalizing the STEM Disciplines  (pdf)

Jacques deLisle, The Internationalization of Professional Education: Lessons from Law School and China (pdf)

The Language and Area Studies Paradigm:  Reconceptualizing Foreign Language, International, and Area Studies in the New Global Context

Gilbert W. Merkx, A Brave New World: Area, International and Foreign Language Studies in the Global Area  (pdf)

American Universities Abroad, Overseas Research Centers and Foreign Universities:  Exploring their Role in Improving the International and Foreign Language Training of American Students in the New Global Context

Susan Sutton, On the Ground Overseas: How the International Engagement of U.S. Institutions of Higher Learning Prepares Students for a Global Future
Executive Summary (pdf)

International and Foreign Language Education and Underrepresented Institutions and Populations:  Expanding Coverage to Community Colleges, 4-year Colleges and MSIs, Including Outreach Strategies

Juliette Stapanian Apkarian, Rapporteur: Summary Report and Recommendations (pdf)

Trevellya Ford-Ahmed, An Overview of Title VI’s Impact on an HBCU in Appalachia: Strengthening Intercultural Competency at West Virginia State University  (pdf)

Gwendolyn M. Bookman, Internationalization at an Historically Black College Bennett College for Women, A Case Study 
Executive Summary (pdf)

Ben Kedia, Globalizing Historically Black Business Schools (pdf)

Stacy Kobelak, The Internationalization of Community College Education: Moving Beyond Food, Flags, and Festivals  (ppt)

International and Foreign Language Education and Study Abroad:  How Various Methodologies and Structures Can More Effectively Work Together to Instill Global Competence

Brian Whalen, Rapporteur: Summary Report and Recommendations (pdf)

Paul Primak, Study Abroad and International/Foreign Language Education: How Can the Various Modalities and Structures More Effectively Work Together to Instill Global Competence?
Executive Summary (pdf)

Technology, Collaborations and International and Foreign Language Education

Thomas R. Bruce, Rapporteur: Summary Report and Recommendations (pdf)

Nancy Ruther, International Education in the Digital University? Web 2.0, IFLE 1.5 and Policy 1.0 (pdf)
Presentation (ppt)

Matching International and Foreign Language Education Graduates with Government and Private Sector Resource and Employment Needs

Scott McGinnis, Rapporteur: Summary Report and Recommendations (pdf)

Dan Davidson and Richard Brecht, Language and International Employment Opportunities in the Public and Private Sectors  (pdf)

Demand and Supply: The Critical Role of Research Libraries in International Education

Dan Hazen, Rapporteur: Summary Report and Recommendations (pdf)

Deborah Jakubs, Demand and Supply: The Critical Role of Research Libraries in International Education
Executive Summary (pdf)