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Study Abroad Coronavirus FAQ

How has the COVID-19 outbreak affected study abroad for W&M students?

Students have been able to study abroad at select locations and under special COVID-19 measures since Fall 2020. We expect that study abroad options and participation will continue to increase. The International Travel Review Committee (ITRC) and the Global Education Office (GEO) continue to monitor the impact of the pandemic globally. Although COVID-19 has affected the study abroad experience and location for students, with sufficient onsite support and flexibility, students have had meaningful international opportunities even during the pandemic.

Based on CDC and State Department warning levels and in adherence with W&M university policy, in March 2020, all university-sponsored undergraduate student travel was prohibited for spring 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic, CDC and State Department warnings, and significant international travel restrictions, W&M also cancelled all summer 2020 and fall 2020/full year 2020-21 study abroad programs (W&M and non-W&M programs). Since Fall 2020, the W&M International Travel Review Committee (ITRC) has been reviewing petitions and assessing study abroad program locations to evaluate pandemic circumstances in high-risk countries as designated by the CDC and US Department of State.

Summer and Fall 2022/Full Year 2022-23 Programs: For Summer 2022, and Fall 2022 study abroad programs, including full-year 2022-23, the ITRC is continuing to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on an individual country basis. Students therefore do not need to file pandemic petitions at this time. GEO will notify students if an individual petition is required for a particular destination.

Given the nature of the program, students at St Andrews as part of the W&M-St Andrews Joint Degree Program are not affected by these policy decisions.

What happens if my W&M Winter Break or Summer faculty-led program is cancelled before the program begins? Will I receive a refund if I've paid the deposit to W&M?

Yes, if W&M cancels a W&M program prior to its start, all student payments already made to W&M for the W&M study abroad program will be returned. ($75 application fee, W&M program deposit, W&M program balance). 

What if I have booked my flight and my program is cancelled? 
We strongly encourage you to purchase refundable tickets or travel insurance for your flight (cancellation for any reason). With the exception of embedded and Project GO programs, travelers are responsible for their own travel arrangements.
If W&M were to suspend a study abroad program, mid-semester, what would happen?

In such a scenario, W&M works closely with the study abroad provider programs and our academic partners to identify ways to help mitigate the impact on students, including their academic work. Because our students study abroad on many different programs, exact scenarios may vary, depending on the study abroad program provider and host university. 

Whom can I contact for more information?
Each student has a Global Education Advisor, depending on program type or location. Please contact them or with questions. GEO also offers in-person office hours and daily virtual pop-in advising hours.