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Green Travel

The Reves Center is proud to be a part of the Climate Action Plan. This plan will introduce steps to work towards W&M's carbon neutrality goals as a part of the Sustainability Plan. The goal of the Study Abroad Working Group is to explore and suggest ways to address emissions produced through study abroad travel, while still encouraging and supporting student participation by refining ideas and building consensus across the campus community. 

There are many ways for you to get involved! Even a small act can have a big impact. Below you will find a Green Travel Guide with suggestions for sustainable travel, resources with more information, any upcoming events or activities for you to join, and more on our plan to create sustainable programming.  You can also download our accessible word document version



green tips and programs
Sustainability Program Highlight

W&M and UVA are hosting a coordinated virtual event on OCTOBER 5 at 12pm. Join us to learn more about programs that have an academic focus on conservation, sustainable development, and climate change! We will also be sharing some tips on sustainable travel for all of your future adventures. Register here. 

Sustainability Abroad Panel Discussion

Join W&M and UVA faculty for a panel discussion on sustainability abroad on OCTOBER 26 at 4pm. This event is open to all students, faculty and staff. Register here

How to be the Best International Traveler

W&M and UVA are co-hosting a virtual event to help guide students with tips and tricks into how they can become the best international traveller they can be. The event will be held later this fall. Registration coming soon!


W&M and UVA Partnership 

William & Mary is happy to be partnered with the University of Virginia on both the Climate Action Plan and the Sustainability Plan. This collaboration extends to the international studies offices at both universities. Check out their work here

Sustainability and Climate Change Programs 

Check out our list of programs with an academic focus on sustainability, climate change, and conservation. 

International Flight Emissions

Emissions produced as a result of air travel are considered Scope 3 emissions by the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol for W&M. Scope 3 emissions are the indirect result of business and can be claimed as Scope 1 (direct result emissions) by another company, in the case, the airline. Carbon emissions per international trip can be reduced by booking direct flights or as few connecting flights as possible. If traveling on an excursion while abroad, use public transportation such as train or bus whenever possible.

Travelers have a few options for flights that have no other travel alternative. Research airlines which have already made changes to reduce the amount of emissions through technological advances and book only in economy class. Carbon offsets can also be purchased to help offset the emissions produced by the flight. These offsets are usually a fraction of the total flight cost (typical roundtrip offset will cost: Barcelona $20, to London $18, to Beijing $34, to Sydney $37).


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