Martha Young

Assistant Director, English Language Programs

Phone: (757) 221-4855
Email: [[mwyoung,Martha Young]]

About Martha

Martha Young, MA TESL, has been in the field of education for more than 20 years.  Her experience includes English teaching, Teacher Mentoring, Teacher Education and Intensive English Program Administration both abroad and in Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA. She was a Senior English Language Fellow with the U.S. Embassy of Ankara, Turkey, US Department of State and focused on English language learning for Turkish city mayors and teaching methodology for language teachers in one specific municipality of Ankara and traveled for professional development opportunities with Turkish Fulbright, the National Ministry of Education, Turkish American Association and Pearson Education Publishing. Most recently, she has served on the Faculty of Divinity at Ankara University in Ankara, Turkey, working with an English Theology program. She has taught English and Presenting in English to Islamic theologians while also developing English courses and religious content courses in English for undergraduate students. Coming from a different background and working in an Islamic Divinity School, Martha has learned how to honor religion while standing on the edge of more than one religion at a time. Her teaching is now infused with her intercultural, interfaith participatory experiences and finely tuned content.