The Wait List

No waitlist process for the 2018-19 Room selection cycle.

What is the wait list?

Being wait listed does not mean you cannot live in campus housing for the 2018-2019 academic year, but it does mean that you are temporarily excluded from participating in the Room Selection Process. The room reservation deposit indicates an individual's interest in living in campus housing. The number of deposits will determine the demand for W&M housing. Residence Life matches that demand for housing with the number of available spaces for upper-class students.  If the demand for housing exceeds the supply of housing we will ask for volunteers to opt out of the Room Selection Process.  If we do not get enough students to opt out of the process, we will need to wait list some students.

Who's protected?
Students protected from the Wait List process for Room Selection 2018 include:
  • Any student who has been wait listed in a previous room selection process
  • Students with a priority housing need that has been documented with Student Accessibility Services in the Dean of Students Office by the deadline
  • Roommates of approved priority housing students provided to Residence Life by deadline
  • Spring 2018 study away students
  • Rising seniors
  • Murray Scholars
If you are wait listed:
  • The Room Selection time block issued to you will not be valid until you are reinstated into the Room Selection Process.  This also means that a roommate will not be able to hold a space for a student while they are on the wait list. 
  • There will be a meeting with wait list students TBD in the Campus Center Little Theatre.
  • When students are wait listed, reinstatement numbers are issued based on social class with wait listed sophomores getting the lowest (best) reinstatement numbers and wait listed juniors getting the highest reinstatement numbers.
  • Reinstated numbers will be listed at the top of this page if needed.
  • Since individuals withdrew from the Room Selection Process for a variety of  reasons, wait listed students may be reinstated prior to or during the Room Selection Process. If you are reinstated, you will use your original Room Selection time block as if you were never wait listed.
  • Wait listed students who are not reinstated prior to or during the Room Selection Process will be contacted by Residence Life after the conclusion of the Room Selection Process so we can confirm their interest in remaining on the waiting list to get housing as space becomes available.
  • Wait list students are housed before former students, transfer students (with the exception of designated transfer spaces), and currently enrolled students who did not pay a housing deposit.
  • This wait list process is separate from the summer wait list process for transfer students.
  • Wait listed students may request a refund of their $200 deposit at any time until they are reinstated or until they accept a space in W&M Housing.  Roommates may also have their $200 deposit refunded. We will continue to refund the $200 deposit to students who wish to pull themselves out of the process, up to the number that we need.
  • Once we reach our designated numbers, the process for getting the $200 room deposit back will be closed.

The good news!
  • Once a student is wait listed, even if reinstated, they can never be wait listed again.  They are "protected" in any future room selection processes. 
  • Wait list students may be housed during Overcrowd Selection by choosing a double (with two eligible students) or a triple (with three eligible students) which has been approved for overcrowding. Overcrowding by non-wait listed students also allows wait listed students to be reinstated.
Reinstatement Information
2018 Female Reinstatement Numbers
Missing numbers indicate someone who has either been reinstated or opted out of room selection.
2018 Male Reinstatement Numbers
Missing numbers indicate someone who has either been reinstated or opted out of room selection.