Selecting a Roommate

Your best friend may not be your ideal roommate.

Below are some tips on selecting a roommate which will go a long way to ensuring that you and your roommate(s) have a quality living experience together. We have also designed a Shared Living Expectations worksheet we encourage all roommates to fill out.

Discuss study habits and the expected study environment:
  • Do you like to study with background noise?
  • Would you mind small interruptions when studying?
  • Do you prefer to study in the room or another location?
Discuss social habits, sleeping habits and guests in the room:
  • How often do you like to have friends over?
  • Do you like to have an open door policy for your friends and hall mates?
  • How do you feel about guest of either sex sleeping over?
  • Are you a light sleeper or out like a light?
  • How do you feel about lights in the room when one roommate is sleeping?
Discuss your cleaning habits or preferences (sweeping, dusting, messes, dishes, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Do you prefer a spotlessly clean room or is neat and tidy your preference?
  • Do you do laundry on a regular basis or only when you are completely out of clothes to wear?
  • If you select housing with a suite bath, how do you feel about cleaning the bathroom?
Be careful that you and your roommate(s) have the same idea of your relationship.
  • Are you looking for a best friend, someone to do things with on weekends, or just a roommate?
  • Discuss how you feel about sharing personal property, including food, clothing, and electronic equipment.
  • Do you prefer your roommate(s) ask before eating your food, borrowing your clothes or using your computer?
  • Is it okay to share and what is off limits?
  • Discuss how you plan to handle disagreements or misunderstandings when they happen. Stick to your agreement; avoidance and/or gossip is never the way to resolve a conflict.