Opt Out Process

The Opt-Out process is not available for the 2019-20 Room selection cycle (no waitlist). 


Opting out is used only if the demand for housing exceeds the number of upper-class spaces available. The room reservation deposit, indicates an individual's interest in living in campus housing. The number of deposits will determine the demand for W&M housing. Residence Life matches that demand for housing with the number of available spaces for upper-class students.  If the demand for housing exceeds the supply of housing, we will ask for volunteers to opt out of the Room Selection Process.

If we do not get enough students to opt out of the process, will need to wait list some students.

Note: Once a student selects a room through any part of the Room Selection Process they are no longer eligible to opt out of Room Selection.

When & Where

Room Selection times will be issued during the week of Spring Break. 

Residents who choose to opt out of Room Selection will come to Residence Life, Campus Center 212 to complete the necessary paperwork. Volunteers will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis until the appropriate numbers are reached.

What happens if I opt out?
  • Students who opt out of Room Selection will receive a refund of the $200 deposit, unless the student completed a fee waiver form.  Refunds are released back to the student's account and if the account is paid in full, it can be refunded to the student upon request to Student Accounts by the student.
  • Once a student opts out of the Room Selection process, they CANNOT go through Overcrowd Selection to be pulled into an overcrowd room as a wait listed student.
  • A student who opts out CAN stop by Residence Life after the Room Selection Process is complete and select a space that is left over after all students who have Room Selection time blocks that did not select earlier and students that are on the No Deposit wait list have had an opportunity to select housing.
  • The Opt Out process is not retroactive. This means that students who chose to live off campus but did not go through Residence Life to opt out of the process, do not get credit for doing so.