Block Housing

Important Information!

  • Application opens on Monday, March 12, 2018 and closes at 5:00pm onThursday, March 22, 2018
  • Blocks are selected on Tuesday, April 3, 2018
  • Apartments ARE NOT selected through Block Housing.
  • NEW - Flexible Housing is now available through Block Housing.  

A limited number of locations designated by Residence Life may be selected as block housing. Block housing will allow a group of students to select a block of rooms during Room Selection. Using block housing, a group can select a block of rooms or a two-room suite using the best time block within that group.


Since interest in block housing is typically high, we use an application process which will prevent students from waiting in long lines if there are not enough blocks for them to select. Students interested in selecting a block during block housing selection must complete the application. Only one application per group and block size is required.  Groups can apply for multiply block sizes.   The application is used to determine the interest in block housing. Applications, which will be available on-line on Monday, March 12, 2018, must be submitted online by 5pm on Thursday, March 22, 2018. Applications will then be placed in time block number order based on the best (or earliest) time block in a group.  The Group Captains for those groups who may be able to select a block will be notified via email where and when to attend Block Housing selection.


Once a block application is submitted, groups can make up to 2 substitutions to the block simply be emailing [[living]] with the name and student ID of the new person and the name of the person they are replacing. The deadline for groups to make substitutions is Monday, April 2 at noon.

Wait listed members - not applicable for 2018

Groups can have wait listed students during the application period but in order to be eligible to select they must be reinstated prior to the block selection process on Tuesday, April 3.

Block Housing Locations (subject to change) - Blocks for 2018 will be posted after Same Room Selection.

Specific rooms for block housing will not be available until after Same Room Selection. Where possible, specific  room blocks will not be pre-determined. This will provide students flexibility on which floor they select.

Anticipated Males Blocks - 2017 (2018 Blocks TBD)
Block Location Sex Block Type # allotted
Hardy - 4th floor Male 4 person 1
Lemon - 4th floor Male 4 person 1
Hardy/Lemon (not 4th floor) Male 4 person 2
DuPont Suite Male 4 person 6
Bryan Suite Male 4 person 2
Chandler Suite Male 4 person 2
Landrum Suite Male 4 person 0
Chandler Suite Male 5 person 1
Hardy Male 10 person
3 doubles, 4 singles
Bryan Male 10 person 1

Anticipated Female Blocks - 2017 (2018 Blocks TBD)
Block Location Sex Block Type # Allotted
Hardy - 4th floor Female 4 person 1
Lemon - 4th floor Female 4 person 1
Hardy/Lemon Suite (not 4th floor) Female 4 person 2
DuPont Suite Female 4 person 6
Landrum Suite Female 4 person 0
Bryan Suite Female 4 person 2
Chandler Female 4 person 2
Chandler Female 5 person 1
Bryan 2rd floor Female 8 person 1
Hardy Female 10 person
3 doubles, 4 singles
Bryan Female 10 person 1