Available Spaces

Room Selection 2017

Tribe Square Apartments - All apartments have been selected for 2017-2018.

Available spaces:

Some spaces will not be part of the on-line room selection process but may be selected by coming to the Residence Life office  (Campus Center 212) when your time block begins. Transfer, St. Andrews and exchange student spaces are set in double rooms.  During the online room selection process the other half of these doubles may be selected by individuals who do not have a roommate.  There are also spaces available with RAs and in Living Learning Communities.

Female - Transfer, Exchange, St. Andrew Spaces
Building Room Reserved For
DuPont 135 Exchange
DuPont 233 Transfer
DuPont 241 Exchange
DuPont 243 Exchange
DuPont 336 Exchange
DuPont 338 Exchange
DuPont 343 Transfer
Female - Learning Learning Community Spaces
Pleasants 308 Russian House
Pleasants 309 Russian House
Preston 203 Arabic House
Preston 223 Arabic House
Preston 227 Arabic House
Female - RA Roommate Spaces
Dinwiddie 307
Gooch 317
Monroe 206
Nicholson 307
Spotswood 307
Yates 138
Yates 325
Dawson 222
DuPont 240
Preston 104
Preston 204
Male - Transfer, Exchange, St. Andrew Spaces
Building Room Reserved For
Dawson 126 Exchange
DuPont 116 Exchange
DuPont 208 Exchange
DuPont 218 Transfer
DuPont 310 Transfer
DuPont 313 Exchange
Madison 148 St. Andrews
Madison 149 Exchange
Male - Special Interest Spaces
Giles 109 German House
Pleasants 106 Italian House
Pleasants 312 Russian House
Preston 123 Chinese House
Preston 127 Chinese House
Preston 228 Arabic House
FH. 720 209 Pi Kappa Alpha
Male - RA Roommate Spaces
Fauquier 307
Gooch 307
Monroe 228
Nicholson 317
Spotswood 317
Yates 209
Yates 309
DuPont 209
Cabell 203A
Cabell 203B
Nicholas 307A
Nicholas 307A
Nicholas 307B
Nicholas 307B