Roommate Groups

Get set up BEFORE your time block.

Roommate Guide - Creating a roommate group and searching for roommates.

If you are selecting with a roommate(s) you must create your roommate group prior to the start of your room selection time block.  This is done within the application you already started.  The roommate steps will be live after March 22  and will be available throughout the online process.

All perspective roommates must have paid the room reservation deposit by the deadline, submitted the online housing contract and have an eligible room selection time block to be entered.

Group Leader

The group leader is the person in your roommate group who has the best room selection time block and will be the individual who has to make the room selection for the group.

Form the Roommate Group

If you know who you want to live with you will you can skip the roommate search options and go directly to Step 5 in the application and search for a roommate by detail.  To create a roommate group, each roommate will need to provide the group leader with their screen name which is located in the upper left side of the home page within the housing system (see below). You can edit your roommate group at any time prior to the group leader making the room selection. Anytime a group is edited, all members of the group will receive email notification. Please communicate any planned edits with your roommates ahead of time; nobody likes to be panicked by system emails!

What do the non-group leaders do?

Nothing!  Once you agree to be a part of a roommate group, you are giving the group leader the ability to select housing for everyone in the roommate group.  Once the group leader selects housing, you are officially committed to campus housing for the next academic year.

Looking for a roommate?

If you are looking for a roommate you have several options to consider:

  1. Attend a roommate reception - we try to offer at least 2 in the weeks leading up to the on-line selection process.
  2. Within the application you can create the roommate questionnaire (step 3) and/or a roommate search profile (step 4).  This will include you in a process to search for potential roommate matches.  You are able to email potential roommates within the housing system and can remain anonymous until you are ready to reveal you identity.
  3. If you don't have a roommate and a single room is not an option, you can come to Residence Life once your time block begins to select from a list of available spaces.  There are typically spaces where one space has been reserved for a transfer student or an exchange student or spaces that remained available following an earlier room selection process (i.e. Living Learning Communities, RA roommates).