Undergrad Room Selection

Join the 2017 room selection process.

What's Happening in Room Selection!
  • Room Selection information for 2017 is currently being updated please check back soon for more up to date information. 

What's New With Campus Housing For 2017-2018

  • Students seeking Substance-Free Housing can request priority housing approval through the Adaptive Housing Policy.  Students approved for priority housing will be limited to the location designated as Substance Free Housing by Residence Life.
  • Available for its second year - Flexible Housing, also known at gender neutral or gender inclusive housing, will be expanded to be an option in locations where we have apartments including Ludwell, Cabell, Nicholas and Tribe Square, suite style upper-class halls and Living Learning Communities.  Check out the website for details on Flexible Housing.

All eligible upper-class students who wish to live on campus during the upcoming academic year must join the Room Selection Process.

Housing for incoming freshmen (2017-2018) is managed by a different process ... don't worry. We'll be in touch.

Who's Eligible?

You must be a currently enrolled, full-time undergraduate student for the spring semester 2017 or be readmitted for the fall 2017 semester by Friday, February 17, 2017 (contact the Dean of Students regarding readmission). If you are currently in campus housing you cannot have any outstanding charges with Residence Life.

Step 1: Your Room Reservation Deposit

To join the Room Selection Process you need to pay the $200 non-refundable Room Reservation Deposit. This applies to all students interested in participating in any part of the housing selection process.

Step 2: Submitting your on-line Housing Contract

Accept the terms and conditions of the on-line housing contract prior to spring break.  Accepting the terms and conditions does not commit you to housing but allows you to move forward in the room selection process.  You are not committed to housing until you accept a space in campus housing; as a individual or as part of a roommate group.  New for this year the contract is part of a room selection application where you will also be able to form a roommate room and search for potential roommates.  Instructions will be emailed to students about this step in the spring.

Step 3: Prepare for Selection

Many factors will come into play as you prepare to complete the room selection process. Take some time to carefully select roommates (or not) and research your rooming options, learn about time blocks, and how a variety of factors such as opting out and the wait list may affect your final rooming selection. Curious what your chances are for getting into Tribe Square? Check out past year stats.

Step 4: Online Room Selection

Learn what to expect from online room selection before the beginning of your time block. Do you need to create a Roommate Group in the housing system? Do you need to all log in together? What if you don't have a time block? Find out. Knowing what to expect from the system is key to reducing your stress.