There are only a few circumstances under which a student can request a refund of the $200 deposit.

If a student:

  1. gets married (a copy of the marriage certificate is required for verification)
  2. is accepted in a William & Mary approved Study Abroad program
  3. is academically dismissed
  4. is required to withdraw due to medical reasons
  5. transfers to another institution (copy of acceptance letter to the institution is required for verification)
  6. is wait listed for the Room Selection Process (see sections on opting out for specific details on eligibility)

Students who meet one of the above criteria must submit written verification (i.e. acceptance letter, marriage certificate, etc.) to Residence Life. Written verification from the student must be received on or before July 1, 2018 to receive a refund. After this date, all deposits will be forfeited.

Refunds for wait listed students

If a wait listed student decides to opt out of the Room Selection Process, their deposit will be refunded. Wait listed students that opt out may also take one prospective roommate with him/her as long as no room selection has been made, and both roommates opt out together.