Room Selection Time Slots & Guides

Time Slots

Your room selection is completed online in the Housing Portal during your assigned time slot. Special Interest housing time slots run March 2-6 and Traditional time slots run March 24-26 to limit interference with classes and to ease the load on the system. New time slots begin every 10 minutes from 9:00am - 5:00pm each week day during the process. In each time block a maximum of 40 students will enter the process.

Roommate Group

If you are selecting with a roommate(s) you must create your roommate group prior to the start of your room selection time slot. This is done within the application and is available throughout the online process.

Group Leader

The group leader is the person in your roommate group who has the best room selection time block and will be the individual who has to make the room selection for the group.

What do the non-group leaders do?

Nothing!  Once you agree to be a part of a roommate group, you are giving the group leader the ability to select housing for everyone in the roommate group.  Once the group leader selects housing, you are officially committed to campus housing for the next academic year.

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