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Flexible Housing

Flexible Housing is an option in which two, three, four or six students elect to share an apartment/room/suite regardless of sex, gender, or gender expression.

Returning Students
  • Groups of two will be in Hardy (limited), Ludwell, One Tribe Place, & Richmond Hall.
  • Groups of three students will be in DuPont (limited) Landrum (limited), Ludwell & Richmond Hall (limited).
  • Groups of four students will be able to select Cabell, Tribe Square or any four person suite in upper-class housing.
  • Housing for five students will be in Chandler (limited).
  • Housing for six students will be in Nicholas and Landrum Hall.
  • Students accepted into the CW House or a Living Learning Community (including the Africana House, Mosaic House, Language Houses) and students with priority housing will be eligible for Flexible Housing.
Graduate Residents
  • Flexible Housing for graduate students will be in two, three or four bedroom apartments at the Graduate Complex.
Freshman Residents
  • Flexible Housing for freshmen is offered on a limited bases. Locations for freshmen are limited to double and triple rooms in residence halls in which single use bathrooms are available.
  • Groups must be of mixed sex according to student records in Banner to select through Flexible Housing.
  • All individuals in a group must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the request.
  • For upper-class and graduate students, all individuals in a group must be eligible for campus housing. Groups cannot mix undergraduate and graduate students in a Flexible Housing selection.
  • For upper-class and graduate students, all students must be eligible for the Room Selection Process and apply by February 28, 2020.
  • For freshmen, all individuals in the group must pay the Admission deposit and complete the on-line housing application and contract by May 31.

Flexible Housing is completely optional and all students entering into a Flexible Housing option must carefully read, accept and understand the expectations listed. Flexible Housing is not intended for and is highly discouraged for romantic couples. However, students will not be asked for their reasoning for requesting Flexible Housing.

Flexible Housing Procedures:
  • Eligible spaces will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis based on space availability.
  • Groups must have the correct number of eligible students for the space they are requesting.
  • If any one student in the group cancels their housing or moves out of the space for any reason, the remaining students will have one week to identify a new roommate. If the space is not filled by the designated date, Residence Life may fill the space with a student of the same sex.
  • If a vacancy cannot be filled, Residence Life reserves the right to relocate the remaining roommates or to consolidate students in Flexible Housing if necessary.
  • It is the student’s choice to tell their parents or guardian about a decision to live in Flexible Housing. Residence Life encourages students to have this conversation with their parents or guardians before committing to Flexible Housing since re-assignment may be difficult after Flexible Housing is selected.