Title Summary Programming Tie-Ins
Disney's Beauty and the Beast Stress relief, diversity
Monty Python's Meaning of Life
Star Trek: This Side of Paradise
How Fast It Burned (4 copies) This is a classic fire safety video that show how quickly a fire spreads. Use it in conjunction with a fire safety program or fire safety month in October.
Broadcast News
Date Rape - Geraldo and Oprah
Date Rape - Larry King Live Katie Kosetner Katie, a freshman at the College in 1990-1991, discusses her experience and the College's response. Former VP of Student Affairs, Sam Sadler, appears on the program. This video is a good beginning to a program focused on date rape and how attitudes about date rape have changed.
Trap Zone: Drugs and Alcohol Druge and alcohol awareness
Campus Safety A very short video showing a typical student and identifying unsafe behaviors. It's a good "make you think" introduction to campus safety.
Credit Card Awareness Students talk about their experiences with credit cards and debt and give tips for maintainging good credit. A great lead in to a program focused on working with budgets and living within your means.
Hazing: What is Hazing? Video offers a general definition of hazing and students discuss hazing incident they've heard of. Perfect to view during fraternity and sorority recruitment.
Safe and Happy Dating Relationships Tape has tracking problems. A great starter to talking about developing healthy relationships.
Manage the Stress of the College Experience Stress
Diversity Retreat Shows participant at a diversity retreat. Participants watch movies and discuss them. Use this video to get ideas about leading youw own diversity exercise.
College Success A "Top Ten List" of college success strategies. Helpful to residents who are not performing as they would like academically.
Marijuana Abuse Drug abuse
Binge Drinking Facts about binge drinking with students talking about their experiences.

A way to begin a discussion about responsible alcohol use.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Short video sharing basic facts. Would be perfect to compliment this video with a HOPE member discussion.
Conflict Resolution Humorous depiction of one roommate being loud and messy while the neat and quiet one dreams of shutting her up. Your modern day Odd Couple. Break the tension with roommate or floormate conflicts.
Join the Crowd Recruitment video for residence life staff. RAs discuss how wonderful it is to be an RA.
Fighting Drunk (3 copies) A student made video that has student who talk about their own experiences with alcohol. A starter to discuss responsible alcohol use. Great to pair with a HOPE member.
Racism 101 (3 copies) A news documentary on campus racism that occurred in the mid to late 80's. It details racist incidents and students responses. Great for a floor discussion to debate if there has been progress or not.
Ready to Respond
AIDS: Reducing the Risk AIDS awareness
National AIDS Awarenss Test AIDS awareness
Racism on College Campuses (Oprah) Diversity
Difficult Situations in Residential Environments
Study for Success (2 copies) Students discuss techniques they use that help them with studying. Use this to work with residents who are not meeting their academic potential.
Jefferson and Preston Fire Video News footage of the fire in Jefferson and Preston Halls and the aftermath. Interviews with residents and former VP of Student Affairs, Sam Sadler. Use it in conjunction with a fire safety program or fire safety month in October.
A Gathering of Men
Reqium for a Dream The tale of four people pursuing their vision of happiness.
Pay it Forward A story inspiring kindness and decency. Use to discuss values, stereotyping or how to impact your community--locally or globally.
Hotel Rwanda Inspiring story of one man's quest to save his family during the massacre of minority Tutsis turns into a couragous act of protecting over 1,200 refugees. Diversity
Crash An urban thriller which trackes the volatile intersection of a multiethnic cast of characters struggling to overcome their fears as they careen in and out of one another's lives. Diversity
The Basketball Diaries The sotry of one boy's life on the edge. Decision making
Antowne Fisher The story of a troubled sailor ordered to see a psychiatrist about his temper and embarks on a journey about his past. Psychological issues, family dynamics, or life course.