Initiatives at Your Finger Tips

We've tried to make programming easy for you by developing "canned" initiatives that you can check out from the CCD. Check out these fun and easy initiatives. All files are in pdf format.

Title Topic
A Look Inward This will help you discover your true values and how you see yourself in the future.
Beer Googles Understand the dangerous side effects alcohol can have. Participants will wear the beer googles and perform tasks with such as playing twister or catching a ball or frisbee.
Credit and Budgeting Education Educate your resident about how to manage money wisely and avoid debt.
Disability Awareness Understand disabilities, find out how equal access is achieved for students, discover what it like to have a disability, and explore what Disability Services can offer.
Diversity: The Film Provides a medium to stimulate a discussion about common stereotypes.
From College to Work Helps student prepare for the transition from college to work or into a graduate program.
Fun with Stress Relief Offers bonding exercises and comic relief for a stressful time such as exams.
Internet Safety Reveal how to keep personal information private in the internet age.
High, Medium, Lows This provides getting to know you questions with varying degrees of risk.
How You See the World Encourages people to think in a different way and try to see things from different points of view.
Invisblie Ink Pen Kit Helps participants learn about the importance of protecting their valuables and informaiton.
Laundry 101 Teach your residents how to do laundry the right more pink undies.
Mindless Eating Discover the causes and effects of "mindless eating" and help identify your own eating patterns.
Mocktails Show residents a way to have fun without the use of alcohol.
New Student's Plan of Attack Help students learn the basics of time management and how important it is to a student's success at W&M.
Personal Strengths Inventory Explore what others want from you and what you don't want from others.
Student Travel Learn about the safest and cheapest ways to travel.
Study Skills to Live By Tips on how to improve study habits.
The Butterfly Effect A way to explore the impact your decisions have on future events.
The Inconvenient Truth Increase participants' understanding of global warming and the reality of it effects. Learn how to lessen your personal impact on global warming.
Time Management Increase your residents' ability to mananger their time effectively by managing interruptions, planning daily/weekly schedules, and assessing other ways to improve time management skills.
Values Auction Help residesnt evaluate what is important to themselves as individuals as wellas part of a group.
What's Your Color? Ever wonder what color you are and how you interact with other colors. This highly interactive personality test allows you to learn about your color and the colors of those around you. Great way to improve interpersonal relationships.