Top CCD Myths

The CCD is full of fun stuff and only limited is your creativity...and we will help with with that if you are stuck. There are also a number of misnomers about the CCD. Take a few minutes to find out the facts.

Myth: A poster must be 24" x 36".

FACT: Actually, a poster can be a variety of sizes. The maximum size for one side of the paper is 24", but the other side can range from 10" to 59", so be creative.

Myth: The only way a poster is going to stand out is if the background is in full color.

FACT: A poster will stand out best if the information is presented in an eye-catching way and it is not overwhelmed with text or a small font size. Creating posters with an all color background uses a tremendous amount of ink and should be done only if iti is essential. White or light background only.

Myth: Food and drinks are not allow in the CCD.

FACT: Yes, you may bring food and beverages into the CCD, just make sure not to spill on anything. We wouldn't want to see your project ruined.

Myth: I can take whatever I want from the CCD.

FACT: Many items can be checked out for programming purposes. Items than CAN be checked out include bulletin boards in a bag, overhead projector, LCD projector, Fatal Vision Goggles, digital camera, videos, initiatives at your finger tips, crayons, coloring books, play-doh, tools of the trade kits that include staplers, scissors, push pins, tape, gluesticks, and paperclips, kiddie pool, hoola hoops, tiki torches, kit of markers, kit of funky scissors, inflatable screen, and paint. Items which can not checked out are ones that should be available to everyone when they come to the CCD. Check with a CA if you are not sure.

Myth: If an item in the CCD breaks, it never gets repaired.

FACT: When a piece of equipment is reported to us as broken or not working properly, we will work to either repair the item ourselves or with our contracted service companies. Sometimes the timeline is out of our control if a part is being ordered or the initial diagnosis is incorrect.

Myth: Everything needs to be laminated.

FACT: Only items that are going to in an outdoor location and may be damaged by the weather or posted for at least an entire semester should be laminated. Laminate is one of the more expensive items the CCD stocks, so should be used for projects only when needed.

Myth: If a CA is working on a project, I shouldn't ask them a question.

FACT: One of the primary responsibilities of the CA position is to assist people in the CCD. Yes, they have other projects they work on, but utilize them as a resource.

Myth: The supplies in the CCD are endless, so I don't need to conserve.

FACT: Being a sustainable society is everyone's responsibility and takes everyone's effort. In addition, we work within a budget structure and also need to be fiscally responsible. A few ways you can conserve in the CCD include reusing background paper on bulletin boards if it is not damaged, planning out projects before beginning them, so you know what materials you need versus what you think you might need in an unplanned project, use scrap paper for testing printing projects, and making sure your information is accurate before printing.

Myth: Bulletin Boards in a Bag (BBBs) have everything I need for a bulletin board.

FACT: In some cases this may be true, but you are welcome to embellish boards if you want more graphics or additional text that was not a part of the board when it was created.

Myth: I can use the CCD for school projects or for something for my club or organization.

FACT: NO! The suppliles for the CCD are funded by residence hall room rents. Therefore, only projects related to residence life may be done using CCD resources. For clubs and organizations, you can use the CORT located on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center.