As our vision stipulates that our residence halls are at the heart of William & Mary. Students are empowered to create, govern and take responsibility for their community. Together we strive to create an atmosphere that encourages and nurtures friendships, allowing students to learn, develop, explore and find their place at William & Mary.

One of the foremost responsibilities of a residence life student staff member is to support this mission and create an environment that allows for all members of the community to communicate honestly, build meaningful relationships, celebrate accomplishments, and overcome adversities—an inclusive community.

The spirit of community that defines the William & Mary residence hall experience is attributed to a long tradition of staff and student involvement and investment. The policy of self-determination and the resident’s needs model serve as the foundation for developing community. As such, the residence life staff are able to cultivate in residents a sense of belonging, impart a willingness to accept responsibility for their individual and collective behavior, develop an appreciation for the freedom of movement and expression, and understand the rights to privacy they are extended.