Bulletin Boards

We know you spend a great amount of time preparing your bulletin boards for your communities. We hope we have made it easier for you by providing a wide variety of bulletin board resources and posters you can print for your hall. Wish we had a topic not currently available? Let a CA know; we are always looking for additional ideas.

Our Focus

Our Center focuses its passive initiatives around 5 basic themes;

  • Diversity & Sustainability
  • Fun, Social, Stress Relief
  • Health & Wellness
  • Life Skills
  • W&M

Over 100 pre-made posters are available for your use and they are always changing. Browse the posters in the CCD and hit print. Can't find something your looking for? We love to hear your suggestions as to other topics you would like to see added; just let a CA know and we will work to create it. Did you know that although the pre-made posters are 2' x 3', the paper is 2' on one side, but you can customize your poster from 10" to 59"...that's almost 6'!


Yea - we got those! We keep a binder of the specific board sizes and locations for every hall on campus. We always recommend you measure your boards before you come to the CCD sometimes things change and we don't always get an update. If you do find a discrepancy, PLEASE tell us.