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  • Welcome
    Welcome  Welcome to the virtual tour of the PRC. There is so much in such a small space that it can be a little overwhelming when you visit for the first time. Hopefully this tour will help ease your fears and make the PRC more accessible to you. This is what you'll see the first time you enter the doors.  
  • Stencils
    Stencils  Immediately to your right when you enter the door is the stencil area. This is the perfect place to get the decorations and letters for your bulletin boards. We have over 180 stencils to choose from all the way from an airplane to the Wren Building.  
  • Closet
    Closet  Our extra supplies are stored in this area, so if you don't see something you think we should have, ask a PA and they will find out if we have it in the closet. In addition, there are number of items you can check out for programmning stored here such as a kiddie pool, hoola hoops, tiki torches, and beer goggles.  
  • Computers
    Computers  Need to make some flyers? Want to put your graphic design skills to the test? Our computers can help you do just that. These computers are loaded with software to help you connect with your residents in new and amazing ways.  
  • Printers
    Printers  The PRC computers are connected to 3 printers, a black and white, a color, and a poster printer. The poster printer will print anything 24"x10"-59".  
  • Craft Table
    Craft Table  Feeling crafty? Our craft table, located just past the computers on the right, offers a variety of supplies to make just about anything you can imagine! Some of the supplies include feathers, pipe cleaners, doilies, wooden sticks, and SO much more!  
  • Cutters, Laminate and More
    Cutters, Laminate and More  On the opposite side of the room is a very diverse section of the PRC. We have paper cutters, a button-maker (it is very cool but complicated to use at first, so ask a PA for help!), laminators, and an adhesive machine which lets you turn any piece of paper into a sticker!  
  • Buttons
    Buttons  Want to make buttons for an event? Use the template in Publisher to create the design, cut them out and voila, you can make a jazzy button.  
  • Posterboard
    Posterboard  We also have poster board in this area. The entire spectrum of colors is represented here so take a look and see what you can find. Poster board is always great for those big announcements you need to make.  
  • Glitter
    Glitter  We love glitter so much it has its very own table. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely messy so it needs to be kept in one spot! The glitter table offers all of your glittering needs, from sprinkle glitter (varying colors)to glitter glue gel. We ask that you keep all of your glittering at this table so that it's easier to clean up.  
  • Resources
    Resources  Are your residents struggling with a particular issue? Check out our resource area for a topic of interest.  
  • Bordette
    Bordette  A rainbow of selection: The PRC offers a huge variety of colors in ribbed bordette (both plain and shiny.  
  • Metallic Bordette
    Metallic Bordette  Metallic bordette rounds out your selection of trimmers for your boards.  
  • Paper
    Paper  The PRC offers a huge variety of colors in computer paper and construction paper. We also offter the longer legal-length computer paper for larger documents. You can find these shelves right past the glitter table on the left. Be careful reaching the top!  
  • Construction Paper
    Construction Paper  computer paper, and construction paper. We also offter the longer legal-length computer paper for larger documents. You can find these shelves right past the glitter table on the left. Be careful reaching the top!  
  • Copier
    Copier  Right across from the paper and bordette shelves is the copier (black and white only).  
  • Kaliedescope of Supplies
    Kaliedescope of Supplies  You can find a variety of "kindergarten" supplies in these drawers such as play-doh, crayons, and coloring books. You can also find velcro, yarn, specialty paper, fabric, and whole lot more! On top of the drawers are several hole punchers and a binder containing all the sizes of every bulletin board on campus.  
  • Specialty Paper
    Specialty Paper  Tired of using the same old plain paper? Spice it up with our many paper options to select from.  
  • Group Project
    Group Project  Working on a project with a group of people? Utilize the space in the back of the PRC to get together.  
  • Bulletin Boards and Programs
    Bulletin Boards and Programs  These cabinets contain one of the best features the PRC has to offer: Bulletin Boards in a Bag and Programs at Your Fingertips! Bulletin Boards in a Bag have everything you need to create a board except background paper and bordette. Most Programs at Your Fingertips require nothing except what is in the bag and items available in the PRC.  
  • Paint
    Paint  Want to add a splash of color to any project? Visit our paint station and let your creativity unfold.  
  • Paper Rolls
    Paper Rolls  To spice up your bulletin boards, select from a variety of background paper colors. The rolls come in both 3' and 4'.  
  • Laminators
    Laminators  The PRC is home to 4 laminators...2 hot, 2 cold, 2 small, 2 large...to meet all of your needs. Ask a PA for assistance if your not sure how they operate.  
  • Ribbon
    Ribbon  Great for attaching to a balloon or decorating any project.  
  • Balloons
    Balloons  The PRC has gas! That's helium gas to make balloons for your event or to celebrate a residents birthday.  
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