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Gender Inclusive Housing

Residence Life is committed to offering gender inclusive housing options to ensure inclusive communities. Residence Life offers two options of housing preferences based on gender:

  • Single-Gender Housing – having roommates/suitemates/apartment-mates who have the same sex listed in Banner
  • Gender Inclusive Housing – having roommates/suitemates/apartment-mates of any gender or gender expression/identity.
  • Students selecting Gender Inclusive Housing should plan to live with a roommate
  • Students should not assume that they will be able to select into a single by choosing Gender Inclusive Housing.
  • Students with medical needs related to gender identity, including for a single occupancy space, should submit their request and related documentation to the Student Accessibility Services office by the deadline listed on the Accommodation Selection page.
  • You will not be able to search for a roommate who does not have the gender related housing preference as you. This means that if you have selected “Single-Gender Housing” you will not be able to search for roommates who has selected “Gender Inclusive Housing”.
  • Residence Life cannot guarantee that there will be enough options to grant all student Gender Inclusive Housing preferences. In the event that Residence Life is unable to accommodate the request or the resident does not select a roommate, they will be assigned a roommate based off of the Single-Gender Housing preference.
  • Gender Inclusive Housing is completely optional and all students selecting the Gender Inclusive Housing option must carefully read, accept and understand the expectations listed.
  • Gender Inclusive Housing is not intended for and is highly discouraged for romantic couples. However, students will not be asked for their reasoning for requesting Gender Inclusive Housing.
Eligibility for Gender Inclusive Housing
  • Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the request.
  • Each individual student must be eligible for on campus housing.
  • Groups/living units cannot mix undergraduate and graduate students in a Gender Inclusive Housing selection.
  • For incoming freshmen, all individuals in the group must pay the Admission deposit and complete the on-line housing application and contract by May 31.
Returning Residents Gender Inclusive Locations
  • Groups of two will be in Hardy Hall (limited), Ludwell Apartments & Richmond Hall.
  • Groups of three students will be in Landrum Hall (limited) & Ludwell Apartments.
  • Groups of four students will be able to select Tribe Square, Graduate Complex or four person suite.
  • Housing for six students will be in Nicholas Apartments and Landrum Hall.
  • Students accepted into the Living Learning Community (including the Africana House, Mosaic House, Language Houses, CW House) and students with approved medical accommodations will also be eligible for Gender Inclusive Housing.
Graduate Residents Gender Inclusive Locations
  • Gender Inclusive Housing for graduate students will be in two, three or four bedroom apartments at the Graduate Complex. 
Freshman Residents Gender Inclusive Locations
  • Gender Inclusive Housing for freshmen is offered in rooms in residence halls in which single use bathrooms are available.

Residence Life is committed to providing genuinely safe and inclusive living communities. We are asking you about your gender living preferences to better support you and answer any questions you may have. We also want to make it easier for you to find roommates who identify similarly to you (if you are interested in this).