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Richmond Hall

  • Lounge
    Lounge    J. Raymond
  • Lobby
    Lobby    J. Raymond
  • Kitchen
    Kitchen    J. Raymond
  • Bathroom
    Bathroom  A sample bathroom.  H. Alexander
  • Courtyard
    Courtyard    J. Raymond
  • Double Room
    Double Room    
  • Closet
    Closet    H. Alexander
  • Washers
  • Dryers
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Welcome to Richmond Hall!

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Take Flight - Welcome Home

  • Co-ed Housing
  • The kitchen is located in the first-floor lobby
  • Laundry on the first and second floor
  • Smoke-Free
  • Two floors
  • Full-size beds
  • Private bathrooms
  • Wireless Internet and cable
  • Individual room-controlled heating and air conditioning
  • Located at 902 Richmond Road 
  • Accessibility

 Richmond Hall First Floor

 Richmond Hall Second Floor

*Note - these floor plans are not drawn to scale. Floor plans are provided to demonstrate differences between room types. Individual rooms vary. All dimensions and square footage are approximate and should not be relied upon as representation, express or implied, of your actual assigned room.

Room Size
Below is an example of a typical room, but all rooms vary slightly. The average size of a double is approximately 13'6 "x16,' and singles are approximately 11'6 "x16'. The triple room is approximately 14' x 30'. All dimensions and square footage are approximate and should not be relied upon as representation, express or implied, of your actual assigned room.

Sample Room 

FAQs about Richmond Hall

What types of rooms are available?
There are single rooms, double rooms, and one triple. Room rates are based on the standard campus rate for single, double, and triple rooms. See floor plans.  

What is the distance from Richmond Hall to campus?
Richmond Hall is the closest hall to the School of Education. Richmond Hall is located .8 miles from Swem Library and .6 miles from the Dining Commons. In comparison, Ludwell Apartments are .6 miles to Swem and .8 miles to the Commons, Brown Hall is .8 miles to the Commons and .6 miles to Swem, and Hunt Hall is .7 miles to Swem and .9 miles to the Commons.

Who can use the parking lot?
Juniors and seniors who reside in Richmond Hall can purchase general residential parking decals from the university. According to Parking Services policies, sophomores cannot purchase parking decals. Those students with decals will have access to the controlled/fenced parking spaces using their university-issued ID cards. Parking spaces along the front of the building outside the fenced area will have signage indicating parking by permit only and reserved for staff and service vehicles. Parking Services will monitor all parking, and cars without the proper decal will be ticketed.

What changes were made to the facility?

  • All electrical wiring has been replaced with a modern capacity and outlets commensurate with current code requirements.
  • A new fire sprinkler system and alarm system.
  • The roof has been replaced.
  • Security fencing around the property was installed, including gates for parking that can be opened only with a valid William & Mary ID.
  • The parking lot is repaved and re-striped.
  • In addition to the fencing, an ID reader has been installed at the front door to the main entrance building to secure the property.
  • Exterior lighting will be upgraded.
  • All wallpaper has been removed, and the rooms are freshly painted.
  • The main lounge on the first floor has been reconfigured for resident use to include kitchen facilities.
  • New exterior stairwells and planters have been installed, and the old awnings have been removed.

What furniture will be in the rooms? What kind of lighting will be in the rooms? Will the furniture be similar to the furniture in the other residence halls on campus?

  • All the furniture in the rooms is brand new, including a full-size bed and mattress (53" x 80"), desk, desk chair, dresser, and wardrobe per resident.
  • Mini-blinds installed.
  • The carpeting will remain and will be professionally cleaned regularly.
  • Lamps are provided. There is no overhead lighting in the rooms.

Will the rooms have their own bathrooms?
Every room has a private bathroom with a tub/shower, sink, and toilet.

Is this property considered on-campus or off-campus? What about the security of the property and rooms?

Richmond Hall is university housing, although not on main campus; residents will have full access to all campus safety resources.

Students will be issued a key to their room. W&M ID access systems are on the main exterior door to the facility and the gates to the parking lots at the front of the building. This will secure the entire facility and parking lot.

All residents have access to all campus safety resources, including an on-site "Blue Light" kiosk, a designated William & Mary Police Community Resource Officer, and designated patrols by WMPD. All students can access two campus safety apps and the Campus Escort Service.

An emergency "Blue Light" phone is installed on the property directly connected to the William & Mary Police Department. The William & Mary Communications Center is staffed 24/7 and will immediately know the location for the emergency when the phone is activated. 

A comprehensive surveillance camera system is in place to assist with security around the exterior of Richmond Hall. This includes the open area in the front of the main entrance building, the secured pedestrian entry area, all parking lot locations, both vehicular gates, and common areas in the back of the property. The use of cameras in the area will be posted. This system will record all activity and will be used by William & Mary Police.

Will there be Residence Life staff?
The hall will be staffed with RAs who rotate duty like other residence halls. The Duty Office is located near the front entrance.

What about Wi-Fi and cable?
Richmond Hall has the campus network providing the same services as any other campus residence hall.

Will the hall have its own Community Council?
Yes. The community will have its own Council elected by the residents if they choose.

Is there a bus stop nearby?
Yes, the Green Line and the Trolley, operated by the Williamsburg Area Transit Authority (WATA), will stop directly in front of the hall. The Green Line is scheduled to run from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm M-F and 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Sat & Sun. The Trolley runs a similar route but in the opposite direction from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm M-Th, 9:00 am - 11:00 pm F & S, and 9:00 am - 6:00 pm on Sundays. Subject to change.

Will there be bike racks available?
Yes, bike racks for student use will be located within the fenced area.