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    Ludwell Apartments  Apartments come in double or triple configurations.  Photo credit: Bo Sheng
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Welcome to Ludwell Apartments! Ludwell is located just off Jamestown Road on Rolfe Road and adjacent to the Mason School of Business. Residents have a short five minute walk to New Campus; Old Campus is a bit further, and residents are often found riding the bus system which departs/arrives every 30 minutes. Apartments are single sex by apartment and are either double or triple configurations. Double apartments (floor plan 1) have a bedroom, living room, efficiency-style , in-unit kitchen, dining area and a full bathroom. Residents in double apartments (floor plan 2) have one bedroom, living room, dining room, full kitchen and full bath. Triple apartments have two bedrooms (one larger for two occupants, one smaller for a single occupant), living room, dining room, full kitchen and a full bathroom. Each apartment comes standard with one bed, desk, and dresser per resident. Residents enjoy a 3-cushion couch with coordinating upholstered chair, a coffee table and end table in the living room. The dining room is equipped with a table and chairs. The type of furniture, size and quantity vary by apartment. The Ludwell Apartments are leased by W&M and are ideal for those seeking apartment living without the commute.

  • Coed
  • All in-unit kitchens include a refrigerator, stove, oven, sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal
  • All bathrooms have a full-size tub
  • Laundry Facilities (Basement 504)
  • Duty Office 502A
  • Central heating and air conditioning
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Number of residents: 271 (74 doubles and 41 triples)
  • Public Phone Locations & Numbers
  • Street Address: Building # Rolfe Road (i.e. 100 Building - 100 Rolfe Road)
  • Welcome Message from the Staff
For more information about an individual room, click on the room number. Floor plans are provided to demonstrate differences between room types. Individual rooms vary. All dimensions and square footage are approximate and should not be relied upon as representation, express or implied, of your actual assigned room.

Ludwell Complex Map

Ludwell Complex Map

Ludwell Triple Apartment
(102, 104, 202, 306, 400, 502, 602, 702)

Ludwell Quad Apartment

Approximate Window Sizes - Triple Apartment
Living Room 2'8" (w) x 4'4" (h)
Dining Room 3'6" (w) x 4'4" (h)
Kitchen 2'8" (w) x 3'6"
Bathroom 1'8" (w) x 3'6" (h)
Bedrooms 2'8" (w) x 4'4" (h) and/or 3'6" (w) x 4'4" (h)
Ludwell Double Apartment (Floor Plan 2)
(100, 200, 204, 302, 304, 402, 404, 500, 504, 600, 604, 700, 704)
The headstaff apartment is located in 404

Ludwell Triple Apartment

Approximate Window Sizes - Double Apartment (Floor Plan 2)
Living Room 2'8" (w) x 4'4" (h)
Dining Room 3'6" (w) x 4'4" (h)
Kitchen 2'8" (w) x 3'6"
Bathroom 1'8" (w) x 3'6" (h)
2'8" (w) x 4'4" (h) and/or 3'6" (w) x 4'4" (h)
Ludwell Double Apartment (Floor Plan 1)
(300, 406)

Ludwell Double Apartment

Approximate Window Measurements - Double Apartment (Floor Plan 1)
Living/Dining Room 3'6" (w) x 4'4" (h)
Bathroom 1'8" (w) x 3'6" (h)
Bedroom 2'8" (w) x 4'4" (h)