Substance Free Housing

Substance-Free Housing

Residence Life currently offers a section of campus housing as substance-free for upper-class students.  Students who choose substance-free housing must be committed to that choice and agree that they, and their guests, will refrain from smoking, using any tobacco product, or possessing  and consuming any alcoholic beverages at any time they are physically present on the floor, including in private residence rooms. 

Students may choose substance-free housing for a variety of reasons, including personal lifestyle, religious beliefs or issues related to recovery from a personal or family substance abuse problem.  Regardless of the reason Residence Life fully supports students who choose substance-free housing as a way to help them flourish as a person and a student.  If a resident or his/her guest violates the provisions stated above, the resident will receive one written warning issued by the Area Director.  A second violation will result in the resident being reassigned to another space on campus as determined by Residence Life. Any such reassignment does not release the resident from the Housing Contract.

Students should be aware that substance-free housing is not recovery based housing; there are no specific support services in place for students in recovery and adherence to living substance-free is based on student’s honor.

Please note: While the majority of the residents who select or are assigned to substance-free housing specifically requested this option, there may be a few individuals who are assigned as a result of space availability.

Alcohol is not permitted in any individual room in a freshman residence hall unless one of the residents is at least 21 years of age and the alcohol belongs to that resident. Further, alcohol is not permitted in the common areas of freshman residences nor may functions with alcohol be scheduled in freshman residence halls.